32 Amazing Hairstyles for Women Over 60 to Look Younger

Going gray can sometimes exaggerate your look by making you look slightly older than your real age. At this point, you need to start paying attention to your hairstyle. You may want to consider getting age-defying styles that will make you appear younger. These hairstyles for women over 60, presented by Pouted magazine, will do the trick.

1 The blonde gray

As one of the most effective hairstyles for women over 60, the blonde gray hair will help you slow down the hands of time and make you look 10 or 20 years younger, especially with this eyebrows makeup. Sexagenarians trick most people because of their young-looking vibe with this hairstyle.

2 The asymmetrical bob

With old age, you would want to consider giving your hair some fullness and lift. This asymmetrical bob hairstyle with one of these outfits for women over 60 will undoubtedly make you stun your admirers at the age of 60. The style will also highlight the well-defined structure of your cheekbones. It is simply lovely!

3 Long hair with beachy waves and layers

Who says you can’t be stylish when you are over 60? For an effortlessly chic and mature look, you can try on this hairstyle. It gives a timeless and younger dimension to the face. They also highlight the cheekbones while adding enough texture to your flat and limp hair.

4 The angular-cut bangs

Whoever says that you cannot look youthful in your 60s, get your youthful vibe with these hairstyles to slow down the hands of time. Give your hair a beautiful shape and finish with these angular-cut bangs. It comes with highlights that add more depth as well as warmness that contours the face.

5 The pixie haircut

If there is one thing we like about the pixie haircut, it is the fact that it never gets old. The pixie cut with side-swept bangs will keep you looking forever young. It is one of the ideal hairstyles for women over 60 looking to retain their youthful vibe. The androgynous and chic look is perfect for the stylish female.

6 Golden Highlights

Golden highlights is a favorite women’s hairstyles age 60+. The golden oldie is used to create a classical look while giving you the air of somebody 10 or 20 years younger. This hairstyle comes with face-framing hair layers, loose waves, and bright highlights. It is a golden alternative for women over 60. The hair is useful in complementing the skin to emit a soulful and youthful vibe.

7 Lilac dream

Do you want to look dreamy and knock twenty years of your age? Then the lilac dream is your best bet. Gray hair among women of every age has become trendy these days. Embrace yours with all the energy you have got and add some pastel highlights to your hair. The lilac tone in your hair will make you look all dreamy and relaxed. Most importantly, it will make you look like you are in your forties again.

8 The choppy pixie

The Choppy pixie is a great way to look pretty young when you are in your sixties. The wavy hairstyle is suitable for the woman with a voluminous hair at over 60. The style comes with lots of personalities that will add a touch of youth to your everyday vibe. The hairstyle is one of the best options for women to slow down the hands of time with their styles.

9 The Emmy Lou hair layers

What better to spice up your hair creativity than by taking notes from this music and fashion icon. This shaggy silvery hairstyle is designed for older women to bring out the essence of their beauties truly. A hairstylist can easily remodel the haircut. Furthermore, the hair grows out for those who prefer it to be longer. Additionally, you could keep it for a longer time if you do not visit your stylist frequently.

10 The Twisted locks

Having this hairstyle is one of the open options for women hitting the sexagenarian age bracket. The twisted locks can be used to knock off several decades of your appearance and look like you just turned forty. The twisted locks are a versatile hairstyle that needs little maintenance suitable for the busy woman who prefers not to go to the salon pretty often.

11 Pink Ombre

At 60, you should not ignore the pink color. Pink is a female-friendly color. Therefore, as long as you are a female, you cannot get rid of the color. Pink can be put into different versatile uses for your hair. This pink ombre hairstyle shows that female sexagenarians can have these styles to look younger.

12 Blended Grey

The Blended grey hairstyle comes with considerably more length than most other similar styles. The jagged lines of the fabulous hairstyle make any sexagenarians appear like they are in their forties or fifties. A great choice to make any mature woman look younger.


These are several styles that can be used to get a youthful vibe for women around 60.