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Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re having trouble deciding between Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and Cancun, consider two important factors. One, Puerto Vallarta is going to be more affordable in regards to accommodations, dining, and tours. Two, Puerto Vallarta has the most real Mexican feel of the three destinations. This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with Cabo or Cancun. They’re both beautiful with many attractions; they’re just more touristy. The great thing about Puerto Vallarta is that you will receive incredible value. The villas you can rent here are just as lovely (sometimes more beautiful) than the villas in Cabo or Cancun but at a much lower price. More on this soon. First, let’s take a look at what makes Puerto Vallarta so intriguing.

Puerto Vallarta’s Appeal

Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It’s known for its beaches, authentic restaurants, high-energy nightlife, boutique shops, and water sports. In regards to the latter, this includes surfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. For those just looking to relax, you can always sunbathe, swim, or go whale watching. You can enjoy all of this from your villa. Below are two very different types of villa options. You can choose one based on your personal preferences.

Puerto-Vallarta-675x450 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto-Vallarta-675x338 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto-Vallarta-restaurants-675x380 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

diving-in-Puerto-Vallarta-675x507 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

1 Villa Amapas North

This is one of the best values you will find when it comes to Puerto Vallarta villa rentals. The cost is $1,000 per night, which might seem expensive at first glance, but that’s based off eight guests. Therefore, it costs $125 per person. This is about the same price you would pay per night for a hotel, but you will be receiving a lot more by staying here, which means much greater value. Villa Amapas North has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a pool. It’s also right on the ocean, which means ocean views. The oceanfront terrace is the big selling point. You can relax on one of the many lounge chairs next to the infinity pool while looking out over the ocean. When you feel like you need a break from the sun, you can get up and walk to the nearby outdoor bar. When you’re hungry, you can cook on the outdoor barbecue. If you don’t feel like cooking, no worries, this villa comes with cook service.

According to many popular lifestyle websites, There are two dining areas to use, one formal and one informal. When you feel the need to work off the calories you have consumed after drinking and eating; you can walk a few steps to the fitness area, which has an elliptical and a treadmill. Both will show you how many calories you have burned while you’re exercising. There is also no need to make your bed since you’re on vacation. The daily housekeeping staff will take care of that. Other amenities include free WiFi, a DVD player, an elevator, air-conditioning, and a water purification system. When you want to venture out, it’s a ten-minute walk to Los Muertos Beach, which is known as one of the nicest beaches in Mexico. It’s also a short drive to Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Nuevo Vallarta Golf Course, Mayan Palace Golf Course, and Flamingos Golf Course. If for some reason, that doesn’t sound like the perfect setup for your travel, then the next villa is sure to intrigue you.

Villa-Amapas-North-675x374 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

Villa-Amapas-North-Puerto-Vallarta-675x450 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

Villa-Amapas-North.-675x450 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

2 Tres Mares

This Mexican villa is a little more expensive at $1,500 per night, but it’s only more expensive at first sight. This villa sleeps, 14 people. If these are all adults paying their way, that’s $107 per night per person. For a beachfront villa with a balcony directly overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you will be hard-pressed to find a better deal anywhere. Not just in Puerto Vallarta, but anywhere in Mexico. Tres Mares has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and access to a shared pool. All bedrooms have ocean or marina views. You will have a full kitchen, and the living room has large glass doors that provide natural light. You can also open the glass doors for a breeze.

If you go down the elevator, you will have access to the beach, pool (with pool bar), fitness center, tennis, and paddle tennis. This villa rental also comes with daily housekeeping, cook service, and airport transfers. Other amenities include a wine fridge, espresso machine, free WiFi, ceiling fans, and a washer/dryer. You will be close to shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, golf, and water sports. And once again, you will be close to Los Muertos Beach. Additionally, you will have the option to rent a fishing boat.

Tres-Mares.-675x383 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

Tres-Mares-675x454 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

Tres-Mares.-675x383 Your Guide for Luxurious Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re seeking the best value possible for your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, then you should strongly consider one of the two villas mentioned above. They were selected for one reason, which is value. This will allow you to enjoy a memorable Puerto Vallarta vacation while saving money.

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