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Best Messages for Greeting Cards

It’s a very hard step to think about the message that you are going to write inside the greeting card .

You should think of flexible words to use, before starting to write. There is a new way which makes it easy for you in writing a message in the greeting card, this way is a list of different messages in different occasions , then comes your role to choose a suitable message for the greeting card .

You must follow some steps, before starting to write the message :

First, write from the bottom of your heart whether it was sad or happy greeting card, write in simple words which should be expressive.

Second, remember to whom you are going to write and your relation with him\her .

Third, try to imagine if you was him; what will attract you more?

Keep your message in short sentences, make it bright, clear and expressive .

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Avoid tragic or sad words which may hurt the senses of your friend. Don’t mention sad or dramatic stories, because it will destroy your message .

If your greeting card message will be to a child, it should be full of cheerful colors and cartoon images .

If the greeting card message will be to a married couple, you should express your happiness in words attracts them both.

There are many lists of messages divided according to its occasion , which may help you in writing the message into the greeting card .



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