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Greengeeks vs Bluehost – Hidden Features!

GreenGeeks OR BlueHost – Which Will Be The Best Host?

Recently, BlueHost web hosting has made a number of changes to their website which made their website run better and it is now more secure as well.  Without being excessively technical, BlueHost made a number of alterations to the amount of CPU usage that each user could make use of and this resulted in web hosting servers that are faster and more stable.  This alteration in CPU usage affected only an extremely small number of users; however, it benefited every one of the customers of BlueHost.  That small number of users was using up a lot of server space when they should have instead been utilizing dedicated servers.  As it relates to BlueHost security, a complex password is now required for each account, consequently making the accounts a great deal more secure.

Even though GreenGeeks utilizes the most sophisticated equipment they can, this is done while being aware of the environment.  For this reason, GreenGeeks is among the best environmentally friendly web hosting providers that you will be able to come across.  As it relates to web hosting that is environmentally friendly, not only does GreenGeeks takes little steps at the office in order to be environmentally conscious but they buy energy credits to put back the energy they do make use of as well.  In fact, GreenGeeks buys three times the quantity of energy which they use up in energy credits.

There are number of free BlueHost features as well as free GreenGeeks web hosting features.


 Below are a few of the free web hosting features that are common between the two providers:

  • Free setup
  • Free software for shopping cart
  • Free promotion credits for websites
  • Free website transfer
  • Free website templates
  • Free website builder
  • Free technical support for the customers
  • Free domain name

There are not a lot of distinctions in the features provided by these web hosting providers.  The only small distinction is that GreenGeeks will carry out additional work when your website is being transferred over to them.  They will assist you all the way through the whole process in migrating your website over to the server of GreenGeeks.  Having said that, moving a website is not that difficult, so it actually comes down to the provider for which you have a preference.  Regardless of the one that you decide on, GreenGeeks or BlueHost, you will be extremely contented.

As was previously mentioned, amazing customer support is offered by both of these web hosting providers free of charge.  It can be accessed via email, phone, tutorial library or live chat.

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