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Great Ways to Make Your Dream Green Kitchen

As we all are aware of Global Warming, it’s a trend to convert the lifestyle in a bit eco-friendly manner. Many people have already started to change their ways of living, and many people want to! So here I am giving you few tips regarding Clean and Green Kitchen…!

When we are at home, we spend the majority of our valuable time in the kitchen – making food or cleaning kitchen. Even majority of us love to take meals in the kitchen right? So it must be the cleanest, hygienic, as well as an eco-friendly place in your entire house. Here, I want to share few ideas which I have applied in my home and feeling detox since then! These points are considerable and natural and budget friendly. Just start with some convenient ways for you, and later on, you will feel like to continue the same further.

 Go Green: 

The very first and easiest way to the healthy and green kitchen is to lit up some CANDLES. Take a vase, fill it with the peas/ coffee/ corns or the combination of maize, beans, split peas, etc. And then fix a candle on it. You will find some great aroma spreading all over in the kitchen. You can even use cardamom sticks to decorate the outer surface of the vase!

And if you want to help the world in the accordance of global warming, use eco-friendly paint, chairs, and moss carpets. There are many creative options available in the market for such things. It will not only give a unique and calm look to your kitchen but also help you to detox your home’s environment.

In addition to these, there are many items available which are recyclable! There are recycled glasses, recycled steel, recycled paper, recycled wood, concrete and even ceramic is available. It is entirely your choice, how you want to modify your house and set your budget!

Another point to be taken care of is that the usage of old appliances is also dangerous. Try to upgrade your old appliances to the newer one as they have better technology and consumes less power/energy.

 Botanic Love: 

You must have heard about the botanic gardens. But you know you also can make an aromatic herb garden into your kitchen? Yes, you read it right! Into your kitchen! You just need to buy some pots and sow some mints or coriander leaves into the pots. Moreover, you can use your cups or jars too. Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Basil, etc. are the cutest plants which can grow in your kitchen, without taking much space!

If you believe in the miraculous effects of ancient plants, and want to detox your house’s environment with the pinch of spiritual essence, go for some traditional plants like;

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 

Recycling is an efficient way to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Moreover, it is our duty that we have to leave it intact and beautiful for our next generation. It is important for the natural environment, as well as for all of us. The truth is, we are running out of time. We have to work fast as the amount of waste we create increasing day by day.  And always remember; ‘Change begins with Home.’

You can replace tissue papers with the cotton cloths for cleaning your kitchen shelves and other appliances. It will give you better results, and it lasts longer. Use cloth towels more than the paper towel. It will cost less and easy to clean. And of course, it will save trees. Clean is the new Green!

Fresh and hygienic kitchens are must for the health of you and your other family members. You can also use eco-friendly cleaning options. Mind your dish washer liquid and save water by using different organic products like lemon juice, baking soda or vinegar for cleaning. Use natural fabrics for the curtains and chair covers.

 Be Natural: 

If we talk about kitchen, how can we forget about the lightings? I suggest that your kitchen must have natural light. Yes, for the night time you have to use LEDs, but for the daytime, prefer sunlight. There should be many windows or some other types of outlets which may provide you proper lightings. Sunlight is so important as it makes you fresh and less drowsy! It contains vitamin D and keeps you healthy & your kitchen clean and fresh by killing the tiny germs and keeping away mosquitoes.

If we talk about being natural, one of the best ways of renovation is to use bamboo sticks. Trust me; bamboo is the most stylish and becoming a popular option day by day. Bamboos have many advantages, one of the most important things is – it is 100% natural and green. Bamboo grows in the wild, so it is the eco-friendliest option as compared to other materials. Though you feel like it costs more than the other materials like plastic, you are wise enough to understand how the use of plastic is dangerous for our planet and how safe the bamboo is!

Even for the furniture, you can use bamboo cork, scrap wood, recycled timbers, etc. Kindly take a note that if you want to Go Green, you have to reduce the use of plastic. There are no other excuses regarding that. Try to reduce, or reuse, or recycle everything in your house. It will not only benefits to the money side but also make your home (as well as our planet) clean!

 Best out of Waste: 

The another easy way to the green kitchen is, to separate your waste into different categories. Let’s take an example; you can separate it by dry litter (like tissue papers, butter papers, plastics, etc.) and wet garbage (like peels of fruits and veggies, leftover food, etc.) You can even use all of these as a home composting for your garden. Apart from this wet garbage, you also can include used tea bags and coffee grounds for the compost.

You can also use Bloom Booster. You can consider it as an essential element for your plants, especially when they are in their flowering phase. It gives the correct nutrition to the plants, and proper bloom boosters at the appropriate time can help your plants to grow as the most productive ones.

If you don’t want to use any compost, but still want some eco-friendly ways for your garbage reduction, you can go with the ‘Green Cones.’ Dig one pit into the sunny part of your garden and use it to collect all the veggies peeling, dog bones, or even dog’s poo. It converts everything into the water, leaves some amount of carbon dioxide, and few organic wastage, and it doesn’t require regular cleaning.

 Let’s Save The World: 

Apart from the above, there are many more options available in the market! If we want to help our planet and save the world, we all have to give small efforts by making small changes in our lifestyles. Just like the kitchen, detox your entire home, garden as well as your habits. It will be helpful to your health and increase your lifespan. And if we talk about the overall change, you have no idea how it can affect positively by just your small change and active effort.

Guest Writer:

Shailee Sheth a social worker, a translator, and an aspiring writer. I write about health, hygiene, and nutrition. Currently, I am working as a freelance content writer and a blogger in some NGOs and a motivational speaker in some training institutes in India.