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Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

Onion is a powerful anti-septic and anti-bacterial which is rich in vitamins A, B and C. It is a great source of folate, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, iron and dietary fiber. Onion has endless health benefits, because of its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties which it contains. There are many varieties of the onion such as white, yellow, red and green globes. These varieties also differ in size, color and taste. The small onions have many varieties such as the green onion, or scallion which includes chives, leeks and shallots. The smaller the onions, the more pungent they are. The onion is a member of the lily family which is often called the “king of vegetables” because of its pungent taste. When you cut the onion, the organic sulphur is released into the air which makes your eyes water.

onions Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

onionnutritionbenefits Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

onions-590x274 Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

Some of the great health benefits of eating onions

  • Blood pressure: onion helps to lower blood pressure naturally, thins the blood, dissolve blood clots and clear the blood of unhealthy fats whether you eat it raw or cooked.
  • Colon cancer, prevention: onion contains Fructo-oligosaccharides which could stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the colon and help to reduce the risk of tumors developing in the colon.
  • Cholesterol:  if you eat half a medium raw onion daily, it will help in correcting thrombosis, lowering the LDL cholesterol and preventing heart attacks.
  • Constipation and flatulence:  by adding plenty onion into your cooking, this will help to relieve chronic constipation and flatulence.
  • Hair loss:  there is a study which has shown that applying onion juice on scalp twice a week for 2 months will cause hair regrowth.
  • Diabetes:  onion contains Chromium which helps diabetics’ cells to respond appropriately to bringing down the insulin level and to improve glucose tolerance.
  • Ear disorder:  In some countries, they use cotton wool dipped into onion juice and put it into the ear to stop ringing in the ear.
  • Diuretic and blood cleansing:  onion helps to counter fluid retention, urinary gravel, arthritis and gout.
  • Osteoporosis: recently, it was founded that onion prevents the activities of breaking down bone.
  • Immune booster:  The pungency increases blood circulation and causes sweating.
  • Respiratory:  Mix equal amounts of onion juice and honey and take 3:4 teaspoons of this mixture daily. It is one of the best preventive potion against common cold. Besides that, it helps liquefy mucus and prevents its further formation.
  • Urinary tract infection:  Boil some onion in water till half of the water evaporated. Then Sieve the onion water and leave it to cool and drink. The anti-bacterial properties of onion helps to relieve the burning sensation in urination.
  • Anemia:  onion has a high content of iron which makes it beneficial for the treatment of anemia.
  • Anti-inflammatory: onion has anti-inflammatory agents which are useful in reducing the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and gout.


30-onions Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

health_benefits_of_onions Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

Health-Benefits-of-Onions Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

Health-Benefits-of-Onion Great Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

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