Google Glasses a “keyboard” on The Wrist

“Google” America’s Company recorded a leading research and Internet technologies and services patented new, related Bnzartha realism, which allows projection of a virtual keyboard on the wrist or palm of the hand touch-enabled devices.
According to the patent, it thanks to the integration projector is very small works with camera glasses Google future, be possible to drop the keyboard laser virtual wrist or palm donned glasses, to be used as a introduction to computer Google small, which seems to form glasses.

It is worth mentioning that the glasses Google so far has amazing capabilities and features, it replace a smartphone, in terms of support for voice commands to make a phone call, or recording a video, or take a picture.

And technical support as well as augmented reality, which transmits the wearer to a panoramic three-dimensional world and other features expected to merge in the near future, and that is expected to revolutionize technology not only for consumers, but also software developers.

He spoke Sergey Brin, one of the founders of the company and director of laboratories “Google X” in a meeting one of television programs in May / May last year, some interesting information and new of the possibility of dropping panel touch on the arm donned glasses allow him to carry out certain tasks without touching.
The keyboard virtual laser is not new, it has already made a number of companies small projector devices are paired wirelessly to smart phones and tablet computers via Bluetooth to drop a virtual keyboard on any flat smooth surface.

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