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Good avocado hosting Review

goodavocado-review Good avocado hosting Review

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There are many great web hosts to choose from in the present day and many of them provides almost everything one needs to run a professional website. However many of them, including the very good are not eco friendly. Good avocado hosting is among the very few that provides services which in addition to being very reliable, are also environment conscious. Good avocado web hosting has a desirable 100% carbon neutral operation which helps a great deal to offset the global warming and its emissions. The company plants a tree for every account that they sell and have contributed greatly in improving the vegetation cover. It is therefore referred to as a green host.

Good avocado Features:
Its main features include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and unlimited add-on domains as well as sub domains and parked domains. They employ cluster technology which allows providing customizable and highly scalable solutions. These solutions are suited for a wide range of needs. Good avocado hosting company use a system in which all upgrades are made according to the load variances and according to the available traffic, thus ensuring that their clients’ sites are easily accessible at all times. An increase in traffic is divided among the multiple servers ensuring consistency in load times. Although 100% uptime guarantee is always seriously questionable, with good avocado, it seems all good with this reliability.
Price value:
Good avocado saves fills the account with immeasurable features, with unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space. It can host as many sites as one may desire. Its professional hosting also include many good features including auto responders – a webmail interface and a very scalable scam filter, in addition to unlimited email accounts. Good avocado hosting company offers an open source suite with everything that goes with it at a very low price. It also provides its customers with accompanying control centre software. Although not to the level of cpanel or plesk, good avocado also gives a very unique level of control over one’s site. The customer can manage his domains on his own; create email accounts as well as his/her MySQL databases. It does not have features like the cpanel, and this lack reduces its value, although it is very friendly and capable control panel.
Customer support:
Good avocado has a group of well trained professionals for handle whenever a customer contacts them. They have support ticket and knowledge base as the main basis for support providing. There are no established phone and email interactions with customers, which is something they need to improve on.

Good Avocado Coupon:

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Overall good avocado provides a reasonably decent web hosting services which are reliable and quite, affordable. They however, still have some upgrades to make, especially on customer care services and other aspects of their services if they want to compete with the established companies like cpanel, and have something special to offer, in addition to their affordability. For instance, they need to add more commerce tools and give free software in addition to other means of customer support. With more ecommerce base features and better customer support services, they will be there.

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