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Gold Jewelry Care Tips: How To Keep It Looking Better

Gold is considered the most important jewelry accessory used by girls and women in different occasions even in everyday life. In the world, gold is seen as the most important piece of accessory where ever it comes from or whatever the make is, so it needs much care.

There are different types of gold, the Italian gold is the best then comes the Turkish, Indian, the gold of Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the Saudi gold. There is also the Lazordi and Damas gold.
Gold is just like accessories it has simple shapes, small ones, big ones. Also, there are shapes made by complicated shapes, so we should know how to keep gold artifacts (Gold Care).

How to take care of your gold:

Yellow Gold:

The best way to preserve it is to keep each piece of gold in an individual velvet box and don’t put all your gold in one box so that they won’t be scratched, so you can keep your jewelry in a good shape. if you didn’t have that many jewelry boxes, you can use velvet sac.

white gold jewelry care tips

yellow gold care in bag

White Gold:

In white gold, you have to make sure that you keep it away from perfumes because the white gold loses its brightness by exposing to alcohols.

Also, you have to be careful not to clean your gold with cleaning powders, it is very harmful as it creates a layer on your golden possessions and it loses its glare and shine. These cleaning materials have chemical materials that have a harmful reaction to gold and it can lose some grams off its weight.
To get back the brightness of your gold you can put it in two cups of boiling water with some ammonia for 1 minute then use a soft toothbrush to clean your gold and rinse it with warm water or you can clean it using the inside parts of a piece of bread then brush it with a soft toothbrush and clean it with warm water.

gold care tips

gold jewelry care tips

gold care tips

Colored gold:

Is the gold that uses colored rubber in it to like gold that has different colors or the gold that is sprayed with platinum a jewelry shop can clean it because the platinum parts can be lost from the frequent use.

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