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Editorial godaddy reviews (Godaddy Rating):

GoDaddy has existed online for ages since 1997, being a web services provider situated in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Go daddy is the biggest ICANN-accredited domain registrar. Go Daddy known with offering services and products at discounted prices about 70% lower than the other competitors.

Godaddy Reviews of Features:

Similar to many web hosting providers they provide 3 types of hosting, Deluxe, Economy and Premium. They provide different plans, including godaddy economy hosting, reseller hosting, Virtual private server (go daddy vps) and dedicated hosting servers, Linux and windows platforms, too.

Godaddy guarantee 99.9% uptime, fast reliable servers, secure routers and firewalls with good 24/7 live support and protection online.

Additionally, each plan has a big set of features. Godaddy Offers immediate set up, Google Webmaster Tools, free $50 google advertising credits plus much more.

GoDaddy has a unique control panel (godaddy cpanel), that is type of easy to use. They support Windows, ASP, SQL Server, and PHP (I recommend linux platform to be more easy and reliable).

Godaddy Reliability and Speed:

GoDaddy has experienced some little downtime godaddy issues within the earlier years, however things appear to be getting up and it’s now far more reliable lately even more than many other famous companies.

Therefore it looks like GoDaddy now have things back again on the right track and customers start seeing a significant big difference.

Godaddy Support:

GoDaddy’s customer support is fast and responsive in common and will have your godaddy issues or questions solved relatively quick for a big known company with this type of large client base.

It is best to keep from phoning at peak-times as you’ll be waiting for about 15 to 20 minutes however with 24/7 telephone and e-mail support you should not find it difficult having the information and help you’ll need.

Conclusion of These Godaddy Reviews:

It is not the very best webhost and their features are similar to others, so if you want hosting with them you will be okay. Also if you have some big websites which will need more fastest servers with the more reliability then go with Hostgator (which I use now and host this website on).

It’s right, you can buy your own domain names with GoDaddy as it’s best domain registrar, and many prefer to pay a one-time payment (for domains and hosting in one payment).

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  1. I’ve been using this hosting for more than a year and am pretty happy with it.
    I’ve never experienced any downtime or any problem with the speed. When ever my disk space is full I can request for additional diskspace and they ad it in no time.

    I’ve had a good experience with this hosting site. They have good customer support and immediate replies to my queries. Have been satisfied with this.

    No plans of changing my hosting as of now. Only problem is that Servers are located in the USA so your connection to them can be some times slow becasue of the distance. Other than this negative there is nothing wrong in the server.

  2. Godaddy is a good hosting company. They offer fast and reliable hosting solutions for everyone. I just joined with them around 4 months ago and I am very satisfied with their pricing and customer support.

    The only thing I don’t like about godaddy is that don’t offer cpanel. Which makes hosting your website a lot harder. This is their major downfall.

    Otherwise they are best in their market for their pricing value and support.

  3. GD has been a very reliable host. I used to be with powweb but had many problems with them (reliability).

    After switching, I have had virtually no problems as far as uptime or tech support.

  4. I’ve just started hosting with go daddy and although I have nothing to compare it to it seems pretty good so far.
    I got my hosting and domain on sale for $6.96/month.

    My only complaint so far is that Their customer support on emails may delay some time in reply. I didn’t tried phone support yet.

  5. Well I would have to say I believe them. All my domains are registered through them and they even give me a call next day to see if I need any assistance setting anything up and so on.

    I love their service. When I first signed up they even gave me a call just to welcome me to their company. So I stick with godaddy.

    They suit all my needs for domains.

  6. It usually takes them 24 hrs to respond… but other than that I have not had any complaints. Been with them for over 1 yr now…and will continue using this web host.

    What I liked in godaddy:
    1) super uptime ratings
    2) I could host unlimited domains on one plan
    3) free adwords credits,
    4) 24/7 support (email, telephone, and Web-based tech support – this does take some time to get a reply from them…)
    5) huge amounts of disk space and transfer, good control panel- great value (about $7/month).

  7. I have been using them for more than 5 years and they have the best support in the entire industry.

    I recommend Godaddy.

  8. We build websites for our customers and for our other businesses. when comparing hosting companies i like to think of go daddy as one of the companies that has pulled off bringing a simplified confusing process (even if it is not done 100% right) and making it available to everyday people that are not tech savvy. They are not as good as rack-space when it comes to mid cap to large cap hosting, but for small cap businesses that are not web dependent it is a good company.

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