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“About” is a Forex broker company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Street Corp that is known as the world’s leading provider of financial services to the institutional investors and its website is Currenex was founded in 1999, it offers in the Forex and money markets for both institutional and corporate sellers and buyers many valuable services such as the secure electronic access to the global Forex market day and the low-price. Currenex offers a great suite of  award-winning services and comprehensive, unrivaled integration capabilities with third-party trade and custom-built and settlement systems provide complete Forex trading and workflow processing solutions to hundreds of customers in the whole world. Currenex has a management team includes experienced professionals with their great experience in the Forex, markets, e-commerce, financial services and internet business. The chief technology officer, Harsha Bhat who has a bachelors in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai and he has also a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island. The chief operating officer, David Newns who holds a Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies from the Cambridge University and he has over ten years experience in the eFX experience. The Global head of sales, head of eExchange for EMEA, Russell Sears. The Global technical operations head, Chad Parris who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill along with numerous technical certifications and awards.

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“Market analysis and news”

In order to enhance market awareness and support the trading process, Currenex provides traders analytical tools, research, news, real-time market quotes, historical Forex rate graphs and proprietary historic. This feature which offers flexible and powerful charting is developed specially by Currenex for its customers.

The chart selector enables you to:

  • Remove a chart.
  • Create a new chart.
  • Access the preference menu.
  • Change the chart style to candle, bar, line, histogram or invisible.
  • Print, email or save chart as image.
  • Extend the chart by a specified number of data points.
  • Change the Y-axis to linear, log or percentage.

Charting Tab enables you to drag out tab to view the chart in a separate window or to edit and change the tab names.

Drawings Selector enables you to add text annotation and draw tools, Vertical Lines, Buy/Sell markets, Channel, Trend-lines, Triangle, Text and Support resistance.

View Selector Enables you to arrange chart layouts, zoom in or out and show or hide orders, drawings or studies.

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“Currenex Deposits and Loans”

Trade Loans, deposits and conduct management analysis are managed via multiple pricing mechanisms such as orders, multi-bank price requests and the exclusive price request. For the sell-side and buy-side clients, they achieve the operational efficiencies through effecting a greater percentage of their financial transactions via a secure electronic service.

Increased financial intelligence:

  •   Trade Ticket previews all agreed financial details.
  •   Audit Report views all quotes received and savings.
  •   Activity Report offers breakout and cumulative numbers of requests and the completed transactions by counter party.

Increased efficiency and ease of use:

  • Fast, point-and-click execution.
  • Back office support for settlement instructions and allocations.
  • Receive live rates as a response to the price requests or orders.
  • Leverage STP efficiencies across Money Market and Foreign Exchange asset classes for the most complete integration available.
  • Integrated and seamless STP for the complete trading life-cycle which included the pre-trade upload, automated trading and post trade capture with amendments.
  • The ability to access all trade details and audit reports for printing, download, viewing or trade capture.

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“Currenex Security”

Currenex affords the highest priority to the security services. Currenex implements measures of comprehensive security at every step of the trading process to enhance the complete protection of user data and full member confidentiality. Currenex uses strong encryption protocols including the digital certificates which are used by most major financial institutions for electronic funds transfer in order to protect clients’ trade data and bring real-time visibility to the entire trading process. All activities on services of Currenex are controlled via a strict authentication and authorization procedures.

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