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Glass Beads for Creating Romantic & Fashionable Jewelry Pieces

Glass beads refer to a specific type of beads which are made of glass and those glass beads are not used for creating a specific type of jewelry pieces, but they can be found in all types of jewelry pieces that we wear including anklets, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and other pieces of jewelry that we usually wear. What makes the jewelry pieces that are created from glass beads highly demanded is that these pieces are simple, unique and beautiful which complement the clothes that you wear. Glass beads are available in a diversity of colors, sizes and shapes which allows you to choose what suits your taste and reflects your personality. Because the jewelry pieces that are created through using glass beads are really unique, simple, elegant, catchy, romantic and affordable, they are recommended to be presented as nice gifts for those special person whom you know to express your love to them.

glass-necklace-bracelet (big square) BS-001

Glass beads have not recently appeared as they return back to the ancient times which are thought to be about 3000 years ago. Those glass beads which were created in the past cannot be compared to what is created today and this is because the glass beads which are currently created are of high quality while those which were created in the past are of low quality and are not transparent.

Glass beads are presented in countless types and designs as there are fish glass beads that look like fish in their structure, wound glass beads, drawn glass beads, molded glass beads, lamp worked glass beads, handmade dichoric glass beads, handcrafted glass beads which are also known as artistic style glass beads, letter or alphabet shaped beads which are perfect as a personalized gift, crystal beads, hematite beads, frosted beads, furnace beads, venetian beads which first appeared in Italy and heart shaped beads which are ideal as a romantic gift to express your deep love.


In order to make glass beads on your own, you have to get enough information about the materials that are needed for creating your beads, the diverse methods and techniques that are followed for making different shapes and designs of glass beads and you have also to look for a good workplace in which you can create your own pieces of jewelry. The materials that are required for creating glass beads include sterling silver clasps, set of pliers, bead release, mandrels, Swarovski crystals, glass rods and a torch to make it clear enough for you to see what you do. So, are you ready to go and start creating your pieces of jewelry on your own using these fascinating glass beads?


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