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12 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Medical Professional

Is a healthcare practitioner among those you love most? Or were you recently under the care of a medical professional who did her job so well that you feel she deserves something special? If yes, you’ll appreciate these gift ideas, which any healthcare professional is sure to enjoy.

1 Scrub Set

Every doctor, nurse or anesthesiologist needs nursing scrubs. It’s the uniform they’re required to wear to work, day in and day out. These nursing scrubs can get worn out relatively quickly, though. Show someone your love by gifting her with a matching pair of scrub pants and a scrub shirt. Some of the most luxurious brands to buy medical uniforms from are Grey’s Anatomy Uniforms, Barco One Scrubs, and Vera Bradley Uniforms.

2 Badge Reel

A cool badge reel is a fabulous gift for healthcare practitioners. You can add detail or create a badge reel, find a custom one that’s available with variable text, or you can get a fun, handmade badge reel from Etsy.

3 Jewelry

A pair of silver stethoscope earrings is the perfect present for nurses. Stethoscope earrings are available in various styles and colors; you can choose the one you think your loved one will like best. There’s a website called The Needed Necklace which has well-priced necklaces and earrings that are cute and classy.

4 Watch

Every person needs a watch to function most efficiently. If you’d like to present your favorite medical professional one, here are a few different types you can choose from, depending on the situation and the professional’s personality. You can find a classy watch, or look for a cool and contemporary one. If you’d like to make this gift medically themed, there are several such watches which feature cute medically inclined designs.

5 Stethoscope Accents

If you are a close friend of a medical professional, you may want to present her a chic and personalized stethoscope accent, such as a customized stethoscope name ring, stethoscope charms, or a beaded stethoscope accent. To make this gift even more awesome, you can send it with a stethoscope.

6 Coffee Mug

Medical practitioners live on coffee; it’s the way they get through tiring days and late night shifts at the hospital or any other healthcare facility. A stylish, spill proof coffee mug or a medically themed coffee cup is a gift that will usually be well-used and well-appreciated by medical professionals.

7 Starbucks

Who doesn’t love Starbucks? As I mentioned previously, medical professionals love coffee. Treat them to what they love with a gift card to everyone’s favorite coffee shop! It’s best not to bring them a freshly brewed cup of coffee because these professionals are busy, and may not be able to drink it until it’s already cold. Instead, give them a gift card so they can decide when to use your gift.

8 Card

Everyone appreciates being appreciated. If you can’t afford to give your nurse a gift, or if you can’t take care of shopping for one, then a card will do just as well. Write to your nurse about how she made your hospital stay just a bit easier, and she’ll be happy that she’s doing her job well.

9 Compliment

This is so easy; every nurse loves to hear a sincere thank you, plus some warm words. Give the gift of words; you’ll lose nothing, and she’ll feel awesome.

10 Pass On the Compliment

You can also compliment her directly, without penning a letter. But you can easily do even better than just complimenting her; you can let her supervisor know what a great job she did. By doing this, you may even be helping her to get a raise in the near future.

11 Nursing shoes

Most medical professionals are on their feet all day long. Standing for nearly 12 hours straight is absolutely tiring, but standing in comfortable medical shoes makes it a bit easier. Gift your favorite medical professional with a comfortable and durable pair of nursing clogs or sneakers, and you’ll help her feel better.

12 Nursing Bag

You can make this gift as simple or as over the top as you please. Stuff it up with an assortment of items mentioned above, or present it on its own; either way, it’s a great way to show your love or appreciation.

These twelve are all fabulous gifting ideas for the medical professional in your life.