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Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

The gift of a beautiful skin might be the perfect gift for your fashionista bestie. After all, who doesn’t love a skincare product that would enhance their beauty? To buy the best skincare product for your friend, you have to know their exact skin type and needs. Every person’s skin is unique; it is important to separate what is good for you with what may be best for your bestie. How old is your bestie? Does your bestie ever complain of skin conditions like eczema? Does your friend have oily or dry skin? These tips will guide you in picking the right product. Some of the ideal gifts you can consider are:

1 Sond Skincare Products

If you are seeking the best organic skin care products, Sond sensitive skincare products are the solution. Most brands formulate their products to be acidic. However, this brand adopts an alkaline approach. Irrespective of the Sond skin product you try, the benefits are the same. All their products help create an alkaline environment and act as a natural moisturizer to the skin. The products boost hydration and regeneration in the deeper skin cells, which often remain untouched by other beauty products. Some of the leading Sond skin products include:

Sond-675x675 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

  • Clean Slate Cream Cleanser

Give your bestie the gift of a calm, fresh, and hydrated skin all day with the excellent clean slate cream cleanser. The cleanser comprises of shea oil and cocoa butter and comes in handy in easing away makeup and other impurities from the skin. It is complete with botanical extracts, which helps soothe and calm the skin.

Clean-Slate-Cream-Cleanser-1-675x675 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

  • Sidekick Day Cream

The sidekick day cream is a gentle but deep-penetrating day cream that also serves as a natural moisturizer. The cream keeps the skin radiant and hydrated for up to 72 hours. It is an all-rounder cream suitable for all skin types. Your bestie can use this cream even if he/she has a skin condition like eczema. Sidekick day cream creates a protective barrier that helps defend against irritants, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Sidekick-Day-Cream-675x625 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

  • Midnight Feast Night Cream

Midnight Feast Night Cream is another great treat from Sond. The cream contains a unique alkalising silica salt complex, which helps to optimize proper cell function. It provides the best organic skincare, especially for people with acne or skin that needs repair. The cream delivers deep nutrition to the skin, thus giving immediate results.

Midnight-Feast-Night-Cream-675x506 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

  • Strength Training Serum

This product boosts the skin’s health by supporting the cells’ regenerative process. It restores elasticity and strengthens the skin’s natural defenses. This cream is the perfect skin-soothing elixir that helps to protect against environmental pollutants. It is easy to use and ideal for mornings after cleansing.

Strength-Training-Serum Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

2 Sephora Collection

A few years ago, it was difficult to find vegetarian and vegan-friendly aesthetics products. Currently, many people are going for animal conscious products, and this has seen an increase in vegan-friendly and vegetarian fashion products. You can choose the perfect gift for your fashionista bestie from the wide collection of Sephora uae cruelty-free products. All the products free from GMOs. – you do not have to worry about the harmful effects of GMOs. You can choose a gift from Sephora collection, a fashion leader in organic skincare.

Great-Sephora-Coupon-Deals-675x445 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

Sephora-collection-675x506 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

  • Great Sephora Coupon Deals

Acquire superior brands for less; take advantage of great deals of UAE promotions for Sephora products. You can access a vegan medium-coverage foundation with an excellent real skin matte finish at a discount of 5%. You have to enter the Sephora UAE voucher codes. The voucher codes are valid for all UAE and KSA users. The code applies to all items, including discounted items.


vegan-medium-coverage-foundation-675x675 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

  • Get 5% off on Huda Beauty Products

Transform your fashionista bestie with Huda aesthetics products. What is more, you can enjoy great coupon Dubai deals by getting discounts of up to 5%. The UAE promotions also include great deals on Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub. The cruelty-free scrub is powerful scrub tried and tested by Huda herself.

Yo-Glow-Enzyme-Scrub-675x675 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie

  • Sephora Size Up Mascara Great Discounts

Use your coupon Dubai to acquire a Sephora Size Up Mascara at discounted prices. This Sephora mascara offers instant, extra-large volume by curling and lengthening lashes for exceptional results. One stroke is enough to deliver excellent results. To get a discount on all orders, you just enter the Sephora coupon code. The coupon code is valid for all users, both new and existing. The Dubai code is also applicable to all items, even the discounted items.

Sephora-Size-Up-Mascara-675x443 Gift Guide for your Fashionista Bestie


Understanding the fashion taste, skin type, and health needs of your bestie can guide you in choosing the perfect gift. With so many gifts and brands to choose from, you have to narrow down your search to the healthy yet fashionable options. Following the right tips will enable you to pick the ideal products. You can never go wrong with vegan products; they are suitable for all skin types. Moreover, you can enjoy significant savings and acquire leading brands for less using the Dubai code and coupon deals.

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