Get to know about the irish wolfhound dogs

Irish wolfhound are dogs of giant size, its size could reach size of a small pony. The head and neck are too long while ears are small. It has long tail and long and strong legs with rounded feet. It has a wiry and shaggy coat on all over the body; on head, neck, legs and feet. The colors of coats are red, black, pure white and grey as it is the most common color.

The Irish wolfhound is very intelligent, kind and patient. It looks very friendly, as if it meet anybody for the first time, it welcomes him/her. It is safe to let it to play with kids, it has no violent intentions. It is very easy to train it , because it quickly understands your intentions. It is a calm dog can be adopted with other dogs or even with other animals.

Its height and weight: it can reach 7 feet when it stands on his legs. Height: 28 – 35 inches (71 – 90 cm). Weight: 90 – 150 pounds (40 – 69 kg). It can not live in a small place, because of its size. It can live about 6 – 8 years. It should be clean, you should clean it regularly with a brush to make its coat clean enough and in a good condition. The rough coat gives dogs more protection from cold and damp. It can run speedily and for large distances, and that is due to its good build of body. Its origin was in ancient times in Ireland.

irish wolfhound puppies

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irish wolfhound puppy lying on the table

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