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How To Get Ripped fast with the Atkins Diet

Ever since the new millennium has started, we have become pretty used to the world’s body shaming ways that it keeps projecting on the whole human race. It seems like all of the celebrities are the first victims of such an awful act, for they are usually looked up to as role models and are expected to be in shape, besides; if one of them ever happens to put on some weight, they will have to face a hail of unsatisfying comments on every platform on the social media. This image and standards that the society has set of how your body should look like left every single individual on this planet feeling insecure and unsatisfied with the shapes of their own bodies, especially the women and the young girls. Consequently, this false image of how you should look has unfortunately led to a significant increase in the number of the anorexic people who starve themselves to death.

Well, if you are not satisfied with your body, you do not have to endure all of those unhealthy habits for losing weight. We are pretty sure it is not an easy process and that keeping on counting calories, exercising for long hours, lifting heavy weights and being deprived of your favorite meals is, undoubtedly, not fun to go through at all. Even though you might be doing all of these things, but you are still struggling to have a perfect body.

Here is what you should be totally aware of; it is significantly important for you to be fit and healthy, but trying to achieve this by sticking to fad diets will leave you weak and unhealthy. You have already heard a lot that eating a balanced diet along with exercising regularly will give you the body that you are striving for and, to be honest, that is precisely true, but it is not always easy as it sounds; it still seems to remain a struggle for everyone out there. However, all of these struggles were easily solved when the Atkins diet came to light.

What is exactly the Atkins Diet?

This diet was formerly endorsed by a physician called Robert C. Atkins back in 1972 and it is obvious where the name comes from. The scheme of this diet might be unbelievable at first and even turned down by a lot of people, but seeing all the results that it actually grant will get you to change your mind in no time; the pattern of this diet is all about eating more fats while curbing the amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. Robert C. Atkins seemed to believe that sticking to a diet that consists of more fats and less carbs is the ideal approach to a successful weight loss. Of course, the experts are pretty aware of the fact that everyone’s body reacts differently to the diet plans, but a handful of studies have actually confirmed that this particular diet is the ultimate solution for almost everyone, because the moderate intake of sugar prevents you from feeling fatigue and averts your body from storing any excess fat. Seemingly, sugar and carbs are the worst enemies for the toned bodies and shaped waists.

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The 4-Phases Plan

Okay, here is the whole plan if you happen to be up to follow this easy effective diet. The plan of the Atkins diet is just as easy as it sounds; all you need is the determination to stick to the plan in order to see the results you want. The plan is divided into four different phases, including Induction, Balancing, Pre-maintenance, and Maintenance. Each phase will be discussed in detail shortly, but you should be informed that if you want real results in short time, you need to stick to each phase. These vital phases work on getting the dieters become accustomed to their new eating habits gradually with time.

1 The Induction

The first phase is known as the Induction; it is actually the hardest one, especially if the dieters happen to be great consumers of carbs and that is because they have to sacrifice a large chunk of this type of food altogether and keep their amount within the limits of only twenty grams per day. On the other hand, they are supposed to have meals that are high in both fats and protein like vegetables and lean meat, but it is better to give the higher portion to the vegetables in the first two weeks during which the first phase lasts.

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Once the two weeks have passed and you were really authentic about strictly sticking to the first phase, it is time for you to head to the next phase which is known as the Balancing phase.

2 The Balancing Phase

In this phase, you will actually start to gradually add more foods that are low in carbohydrates, but mainly, you are supposed to focus on the healthy carbohydrates like the ones present in nuts and fruits; they are known to be some of the perfect snacks to chew on while you are trying to lose weight. Cardiologists and nutritionists have confirmed that adding these low-carbohydrates foods into your diet helps, but make sure to add it slowly and gradually, for these foods will help rev up your metabolism, making your body burn even more fats.

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3 The Pre-maintenance

Getting with the second phase, it seems to be the time for heading to the third one, which is known as either the pre-maintenance or fine-tuning phase. This phase encourages the dieters to include even more carbohydrates, but this phase is only supposed to take place if you are adequately getting close to your goal weight. Of course, some people might be concerned during this phase that they might gain back all the weight they have already lost, but actually, if you are sticking to the healthy amount of carbs and not, by any means, trying to over eat them, the addition of this food group will greatly aid in the process of increasing your fat loss, making it easier for you to hit your goal.

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4 The Maintenance

After you have successfully been through the first three phases, it is time for you to stick to the fourth and the last one which is called the Maintenance phase. Before you start this phase, you should know that it is actually going to last as long as you are alive, but it is not what you think; of course, you will not be dieting for the rest of your life, but it is called the maintenance phase for a reason; this diet plan is more of a lifestyle than a diet. Well, in this phase, you are allowed to add as many carbs as you would want to, but it is preferable that you pick up the healthy ones as much as you can, so you can maintain your weight and enjoy your new ripped and lean body. This phase is actually known to be the best phase in any dieter’s life, for you can start having your favorite meals once more and indulge on your sweet tooth if you love sugary and sweet foods, which means you can now have pizza, pasta, and DONUTS too! But make sure you have them in moderation or else all of your exerted efforts will be wasted.

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So, is this the best diet to follow?

We believe that the answer should be YES, for the best thing about this diet is that its benefits are beyond just weight loss. This diet teaches its followers to lead a healthy life and consume considerable amounts of good carbs, instead of mindlessly binging on them. Furthermore, this diet is for almost everyone, even the vegetarians or vegans; it might not be effortless for them, but it is not unfeasible. And the best part about this diet is that you can eat fats and still shed your excess weight and get the body you want. So, the Atkins diet promises you a new, healthy lifestyle, helps you solve your problems with your carbohydrates and sugar indulging and, above all, helps you hit your target weight easily. What else could you be looking for when it comes to having a perfect body?

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So, if losing weight and having a toned body is your number one goal, then start today. Stop lying to yourself by saying that you will start tomorrow or from the beginning of the next week, besides; the Atkins diet is not actually a strict one or hard to follow. It is definitely advisable that you seek an advice from a reputable physician before starting a new diet plan, but we assure you that the Atkins is totally safe and effective for a successful weight loss free from any harmful side effects. You might lose your motivation along the way or fall off the track, but that does not mean that you should ditch the diet altogether or go back to your old habits; instead, it means that you have rewarded your body with a nice treat and you should keep on going. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself by working out, drinking enough water, sleeping sufficiently, for sleeping actually plays a great role when it comes to losing weight and having a healthy body.

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And if you ever start assuming that sticking to a diet plan would make your life boring, you can twist your way of thinking by perceiving it that way; what could actually be better than finding your favorite meals waiting for you down the road of your victorious journey of achieving your ideal body? Well, nothing, right?

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