How to Get Rid of Your Accent

The new language that you learn is known as the target language and it is different from the source language which is your mother tongue. For learning a new language, you must learn it as it is and you must follow all of its rules especially in pronunciation or the way you say the words. There are some people who pronounce the target language incorrectly and insist on abiding by their wrong pronunciation, because they think that this will affect their identity. This is completely wrong because if you want to learn a language, then you must learn it correctly without changing it to adapt you. Learning the native and right accent and pronouncing words correctly is substantial for allowing you to understand native speakers, to be able to interact and communicate with them and to convey the right message to the recipient. To show you how to get rid of your accent and modify it to be like native speakers, we present to you the following tips that will certainly help you to find the right way.

– Talk with native speakers: The most effective way for learning a true language is to communicate with its native speakers and interact with them directly, it helps you to acquire the language and the native accent that you wish quickly, easily, without exerting effort and above all it will happen unintentionally. You will be lucky if you found at least one person who is a native speaker of the target language as this will allow you to make this person help you to correct your mistakes and will enable you to listen to the correct pronunciation as much as possible.

– Do it on your own: If it is impossible for you to acquire the target language that you want to learn and to improve your accent through the previous way, then you will have to depend on yourself and improve your accent on your own through practicing the language.

– Watch movies: Try to pronounce words like native speakers by watching movies in the target language that you want to learn as much as possible.

– Listen to songs: Listen to songs and try to repeat and memorize them.

– Read as much as you can: Read stories and books that seem to be interesting for you and make your voice loud to observe your pronunciation to words.

– Watch news: Try to listen to news and watch TV programs in the target language and simulate the pronunciation of the reporters.

– Get your voice recorded: Record your voice while you are speaking in order to be able to track your progress and to make sure that your accent is improved. Recording your voice will also help you to discover the mistakes that you make unintentionally and thus, you will be able to correct them.

– Standard Pronunciation: When you come to listen to native speakers of the language that you want to learn, make sure that they pronounce in a standard way in order not to face another problem.

– Divide the words into groups: In order to correct your pronunciation to words you can divide them into groups which means that you can choose about five or six words, listen to their right pronunciation and repeat them more than once until you pronounce them correctly. You can after that move to another group of words that are pronounced in a wrong way.

– Record as a source for listening: If you find it difficult for you to track what is said in news and movies, you can record a part of it and listen to it several times trying to repeat it correctly as it is pronounced.

– Do not give up and keep going: It is not an easy task to correct your pronunciation of words and get rid of your accent. It will take time and you will need to exert effort through practicing the language until you feel that you achieved progress and mastered speaking the language that you want to learn, so do not give up and keep trying.

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