How to Get Your Boss to Actually Appreciate the Work You Do

In order to get your boss to appreciate your work, you have to impress him\her and to attract the attention to what you do. It may be difficult because you need to be different and unique in order to be observed. Being appreciated by your boss is very beneficial as it will help you to improve your position through getting promotion, to get higher salary and to have a goal for which you challenge and seek. Attracting your boss’s attention to appreciate your work requires exerting a huge effort and respecting rules of work. There are many ways that you can follow to get your boss to actually appreciate the work you do and to be really impressive. To help you to achieve your ambition, we present to you the following 10 tips that are really valuable.

– Read your boss’s mind: You have to know what your boss want and what are his\her goals. Try to help your boss to achieve these goals through gaining more knowledge and improving your skills. To know your boss’s goals and desires will help you to focus more and direct your efforts to what you and your boss really need.


– Ask for additional tasks: If you finished completing your tasks then hurry up to ask for other additional tasks instead of waiting until you get them from your boss. You can ask your boss if there is anything that s\he especially needs you to do.

– Always be ready: It is not necessary to limit your work to only what you are asked for. You have to prepare yourself for doing any task. Initiate asking your boss for doing tasks and taking in the responsibilities from which your coworkers escape because they cannot afford them and unable to do them with high quality.

– Try to solve problems: You can participate in solving the problems that the company face. It will be good for you to present different and multiple solutions that are really effective and will help the company to overcome the problems easily without loss.

– Help your coworkers: After finishing your work and completing all of your tasks, you can offer to help your coworkers and share the tasks with them. It is necessary to make sure that your boss is aware of what you do because without informing him\her, your help to your coworkers will not be beneficial for you.

– Improve your relation: You have to improve your relation not only with your boss but with all of your coworkers. Do not be rude, try to be kind, friendly, helpful and respect everyone.

– Be a good team member: It is not essential for you to be a team leader in order to show your ability to work within a team. You can prove your ability to be a successful team member through trying to share ideas with your coworkers, to listen to their opinions, to understand their thoughts, to appreciate them and never to neglect anyone.

– Stick to the deadline: You have to respect time and to do tasks within their deadlines. Never make a promise you cannot keep so once you are asked for doing something and you accept it, you have to do it and with high quality.

– Go early and leave late: Respecting time is really appreciated especially by your boss. Try to go to your work early or at least on time and leave late to be the last one in the office to show your boss that you care about your work, stay long to finish it and respect deadline.

– Do not waste your time: Wasting time especially in talking with coworkers about trivial matters is really hated by any boss. Try to make use of your spare time in something beneficial for you and for the company for which you work.


– Be unique: Try to be different from your coworkers through completing your tasks with high quality and finishing them before their deadlines. This will certainly help you to get your boss appreciate the work you do.

Lisa Chen

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