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George Hotel Edinburgh: Hidden Facts

George Hotel Edinburgh is one of the most famous and lovable hotels for tourists all over the world, its location is so perfect and suitable for all tourists and its reservation is so easy with a reasonable price. The building of the hotel is a historic building and it has been designed for more than 200 years ago, it is featured with an impressive view which attract most of the tourists towards the hotel.

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The rooms of the hotel has been renewed several times to the best so as to match the elegant taste of the hotel guests, each room has a flat-screen TV and an internal bathroom and free Wi-Fi access. Guests enjoy the great view of the castle or Firth Of Forth out of their room windows. The beds are comfortable and the furnishings are clean and there are many means of entertainment inside the hotel so as not to get bored.


Tempus restaurant offers a unique menu of the best nontraditional dishes, and it serves also distinctive lunches on Sunday, and a wide range of cocktails and the best selection of champagne.

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George Hotel enjoys a distinguished location in Edinburgh city center the hotel is also featured with being close to Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street Gardens and Holy-rood Palace which are considers as some of the best tourist destinations.


The hotel is so luxury and it offers very elegant rooms with elegant bathrooms, a great restaurant and bar, there are about 249 rooms at the hotel in addition to the conference rooms.




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