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Gabor’s Criteria for Your Welfare

Gabor follows specific criteria in designing and manufacturing women shoes. It uses materials which are chosen carefully in making faces, soles, heels and the platforms of the shoes. They are made of soft leather, specific textile and other materials that help you to feel comfort. The Gabor shoes are designed in a way that make them flexible and light which allow you to move freely.

Gabor-Footsie-21.291-Womens-Mary-Jane-shoe-50mm-heel-300x300 Gabor’s Criteria for Your Welfare

They are also wide and not tight to comfort your feet and to keep it away from stress, they will allow your feet to breathe because of the space that is left. Gabor shoes also provide you with tight tall boots for those who do not have fat legs. So you will find all what your feet need in the Gabor shoes.

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