Fully Automated Car Parking Systems

Did you hear before about this system for parking cars? This system is really useful for many people who have cars and also those who do not have ones.

Of course you used to park your car in a garage or in the street. You face many problems as a result of  doing that such as stealing your car, being hurt, being stuck or you may not find a place for parking. Parking in the streets will also increase the problem of traffic and make the street overcrowded. In addition to all of that the rate of pollution will become higher in the atmosphere and the diseases will increase.

A new system has recently appeared to solve the problems of parking and traffic and this system is called “Fully Automated Car Parking System“. It is an Eco-friendly system that protects the environment from more pollution. This system is based on the automated parking of cars without the interference of the owner of the car. There is no body allowed to get in the parking place while s\he is inside it. All what you need to do is to leave your car to be stored and to return back after that to get it without doing any thing. Automated parking is based on using lifts and pallets for storing cars and lifting them to the layer in which they will be put. The main concern of the new system is to use a smaller place for a larger number of cars that exceeds the number of stored cars in traditional parking areas.

automated Fully Automated Car Parking Systems
T-Park-9 Fully Automated Car Parking Systems
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robotic-parking-section Fully Automated Car Parking Systems
Autostadt_Volkswagen_cartower-131 Fully Automated Car Parking Systems
fully-automated Fully Automated Car Parking Systems

There are many types for the fully automated car parking such as:

Two Step Car Parking System: It needs only one pallet that is lifted to create a place under it for additional car and it is suitable for parking cars in places like hotels.

Stacker Crane Parking System: Cars are stored on two sides so it is suitable for long places. The parking place can include a large number of cars that ranges from 100 to 300 cars and may more.

Cart Parking System: It is suitable for being set in long places and the number of cars that can be stored in such a place ranges from 50 to 100 cars and more.

Level Parking System: A suitable system for large places and cars are stored in levels on one side.

Tower Parking System: The number of cars that can be stored in a place that uses such a system ranges from 30 to 40 cars and this system is based on making use of the height of the building more than the space.

Chess Parking System: This system can be used on both long and square places. The place that uses this system can store a huge number of cars which ranges from 800 to 1000 cars and may more than that number to make this system the most efficient for parking cars.

To conclude, If you want your car to be safe, do not want to spend a lot of money and want to quickly park and retrieve your car, then you will not find a place better than those which use fully automated car parking system.
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