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Are you ready for welcoming the new year? Did you get enough ideas for renewing your home before the coming of the new year? You may say that it is still early to look for what is new in the world of home decoration and the latest home décor trends that are presented to us by the creative interior designer photographers to renew our homes. In fact, the time is suitable now to know what is new for refreshing your home and welcoming the new year.

There are many home décor trends that are presented to us for the new year such as mixing different cultures with each other, using new materials, caring more about nature, making use of what we already have to be turned into new products and more trends that are functional, creative and modern at the same time. Let’s discover more about the hottest trends in home decoration for next year to know what you are going to do for adding new touches to your home in the new year.

1. More functional products & designs: The designs and products that are presented for our homes in the new year differ from what we usually use as they are more functional and do not consume a large space in our homes. They can also be used for more than one purpose.


2. Geometric shapes and designs: Geometric designs are among the hottest trends for the new year and they will spread around us to dominate everything you can imagine such as fabrics, furniture, walls, decorative items, lamps, and more things that we use in our homes.


3. Mixture of cultures: The new products including fabrics, furniture, and decorative pieces reflect the influence of different cultures that are mixed in just one place. There are products that are inspired by the African style while there are others that are affected by Persian style and more cultures that can be found around us in the world which has become like a small village.


4. Natural materials that are eco-friendly: Using natural materials that are eco-friendly is considered to be one of the latest trends that are presented for the next year. Various materials such as wood, glass, stone, copper, brass, linen cloth, burlap rope, and more natural materials are going to be widely used for creating different products in the new year.


5. Recycling what we have: There are many things that you already have in your home but are not used. You can make use of these items that are thought to be useless for creating new products such as using glass jars and bottles as lanterns or containers for plants and flowers and other simple ideas that help you to save money and keep the environment clean.


6. Soft pastels: Soft pastels and natural colors are going to dominate the next year to increase harmony and make our homes more comfortable for relaxing our minds. The new year comes with new colors such as pink, blue, mauve, lavender, purple, periwinkle, peach, brown, mustard yellow, green, and more colors that are derived from the surrounding nature.


7. Natural themes: Nature continues to affect us as it can be found in bright prints on fabrics, natural and vibrant colors, flowers and plants for decoration, floral prints that appear on fabrics and walls, and more designs and themes that show the influence of nature.


8. Chalk & handwritten letters for attractive walls: In addition to using posters and paintings for decorating walls in our homes, you will also find chalk drawings that you can create on your own, handwritten letters, and meaningful words.


9. Large prints for fabrics and walls: Using large prints is going to dominate the next year and it will be found on walls and even fabrics. Digital art is also one of the newest trends that are presented for decorating walls and making them catchier in the new year.


10. Marble: It is one of the best materials that are used for walls and floors especially in the bathroom, but using it in the next year will not be restricted to bathrooms as you can also find it in different decorative items and even in tabletops to add more luxury to your home.


11. Transparent curtains: Forget about the curtains which are made of thick fabrics and go for the curtains which are made of light and transparent fabrics. Sheer fabrics help you to make your rooms more inviting and allow more natural light to enter your room.


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