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A flying Camera…Unbelievable!

Anyone can’t believe that one day, he will wear a camera in his wrist, and people may think that this is unbelievable and ‘non sense’. But, technology turns any dream into a touched fact, and one can say that it is a wearable reality. (MIW) Challenge proves this idea which is a competition that develops the wearable technology by a creative invention such as Nixie. Nixie is a great achievement in the field of Technology. Nixie is going to change the vision of mankind about the future.

Nixie is a wearable camera that enables anyone of taking a picture by wearing it in the wrist and then flicking the camera of a wrist. This camera can fly and snap a picture, a panorama or a movie. After taking the photo, Nixie returns to the wrist in something resembling a gadget. Nixie’s team will turn this invention into a marketable fact if they win the competition.

Nixie’s team consists of a number of hardworking persons. they are as follows: Christophe Kohstall, inventor of Nixie and the leader, PHD in experimental physics, post-doctoral research at Stanford. He designed a telescope that can follow a point in the sky, Floris Ernst, Robotics, PHD in Computer Science, Expert in Sensor Fusion and motion algorithms, Jelena Jovanovic, Expert in strategy, operation and communications. She is a technical program manager at Google. Also, Jeremy Swerdlow, who is a mechanical engineer, Specialist in machine design, product development and prototype fabrication. Kris Winer is an expert in Electronics design and PhD in Applied Science/Engineering. He is an expert in sensors and motion control. Also, Michael Niedermayr, who is concerned with Flight Control. He is a film maker and PhD in experimental physics, Stefan Niedermayr who is a professional architect and designer, Stephan Le who is Software, mobile and web engineer at Google and Steven Shiozaki, industrial designer.

The inventors of Nixie camera show their vision about the future and how Nixie will work for the benefit of the field of technology. Cameras were expensive and difficult to operate and the last hundred years have generated easier-to-use and cheaper cameras, but future is going to be the best. They shows this camera as if it is a kind of bird that comes out from the Batcave, “Quadcopters give you a new perspective you can’t get anywhere else”, “We’re not trying to build a quadcopter, we’re trying to build a personal photographer,” says Jelena Jovanovic .

Team’s camera is able to take somebody’s photo without holding it or showing his arm in the picture or video. It helps people to take pictures over mountains or in any high space, as it flies, and stops in front of anyone wanting to snap the photo. Nixie does not have the features of any other watch other than anyone can wear in wrist. Its shape is “a very” simple one. It is a quadcopter which has flexible arms.

The leader shows how Nixie works. It works if the one, who wears it, makes a certain gesture that enables the quadcopter to unfold. After doing this unfolding the camera is going to take off from the wrist. It will know the place and snap the photo from anywhere even if the person is over a mountain. The team will present their prototype for the Intel Make it Wearable challenge Finale on November 3,2014 in San Francisco.

To sum up, technology will achieve what is imaginable according to human being. Nixie is one of these challenges that will show what is vague as a crystal clear. “Nixie was cute, light, and fun so the name stuck.” Says Kohstall. This achievement tells everyone that the human mind is able to free the world from any unseen signs or any question mark about the life of mankind.


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