How to find your stolen laptop!

Have you been through that experience of having your laptop stolen?! Have you ever heard about a stolen laptop found after being stolen through tracking it?! Are you willing to protect your laptop from being stolen?! If you think it is impossible to find a stolen laptop, we’ve got some good news for you.


Tracking your stolen laptop is way easier than you think it is. You only need to install a special tracking program on your laptop and you can download many of the tracking software for free. The tracking software starts working as soon as the laptop is switched on again. Some of these tracking software are able to use your laptop webcam and take pictures of the suspects using the stolen laptop. Not only this, but it also screenshots what the suspects do on the laptop and shows Wi-Fi location on Google map. All of these info are sent in a report to you on the software website that you already have an account on. The reports keeps pouring in as long as the laptop is connected to the internet. This information can be used by the police to recover your computer. Some of tracking software can lock the laptop to stop someone from using it or erase the information on the hard desk so thief won’t have access to your personal info.
Examples of Laptop tracking software:
1-LoJack For Laptops.



4-Norton Anti-Theft

There are also some products that prevent your laptop from being stolen. One of these products is Laptops lock that is suitable for laptops with security sockets.

322 How to find your stolen laptop!

Some use Laptop lock alarms that have an adaptor for a Kensington socket. A 100dB siren sounds if the lock cable is cut. Now you don’t have to worry about your laptop anymore. The new technology has made everything possible. All you have to do is to pick the suitable choice to protect your device.

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