How to Find Pure Ruby

Do you find it difficult to get pure ruby? There are several easy ways that allow you to find pure ruby but before telling you about these easy ways, you first have to know what is ruby and why it is highly desired. Ruby is one of the most valuable and precious stones that are used for adorning different types of jewelry that we wear such as bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and other pieces of jewelry that are created to increase our beauty. Ruby is red-pink in its color because it contains chromium in the molecular structure of the stone. Ruby is thought in astrology to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer which makes it highly sought after by many women. Ruby is also believed in the Indian culture to be the king of all gemstones and other stones that are known and is also a symbol for the sun and the whole solar system. The price of ruby varies according to the color of the stone and the visible clarity that usually affects the price of any precious stone.

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In order to get pure ruby, you have to

► Look for a reliable jeweler: Before purchasing your ruby jewelry, you have to choose a reliable jeweler to be able to get the pure ruby that you want. It does not matter whether you are going to purchase your ruby jewelry from an online or offline jewelry store because in both cases, you will need to look for the jeweler who sells original ruby of high quality.

► The clarity of the ruby: The quality of the ruby is determined by the clarity and color of the stone. Pure ruby should be crystal clear and has no impurities. Make sure that your ruby is clear and of high quality by seeing the stone through the light.

► The color of ruby: The color of ruby ranges from pink to crimson and blood red. The best and most expensive ruby stone that you can ever find is the one which is red in its color and has a blue tint.

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► Test the hardness of the ruby stone that you already have: If you want to know whether the ruby gemstone that you have is genuine or not, you will need to follow these steps.

♦ Bring a damp cloth to clean your ruby and remove any marks on its surface.

♦ Use your fingernail for gently making scratches or any marks into the ruby by digging your fingernail. If you succeeded to leave scratches after digging your fingernail, then the stone is not a real ruby.

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♦ Instead of using your fingernails to scratch the ruby stone, you can use a one cent coin but keep away from the surface in order not to be damaged and scratch the underside of the stone.

♦ Genuine rubies are hard and this why you can rub a ruby against a white porcelain tile without leaving any color behind on the tile. A genuine ruby can also scratch the tile without leaving any colored marks.

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