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There are some people who are suspected in our life, they may deserve to be suspected because of their weird actions or because they are known for the first time. To make your mind peaceful, you need to get all the needed information about those persons. Sometimes, you need to look into the past of someone trying to find out information about what s\he had done before and if this is going to affect your relation with that person or not. It is also necessary to know everything and to get all the possible information about those who are new in your life and considered as strangers to decide if you can trust those persons or you are going to be deceived. You need to check different and several records to get the needed information about the one whom you suspect which takes a long time, effort and may waste your money. There are some websites on the internet that offer the service of online investigation, but they do not present all the needed information. One of the best companies that allow you to investigate anyone online is “

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“InteliGator” is your intelligent investigator that helps you to investigate anyone and find all the accurate information that you want to know about that person without costing you a lot of money, without exerting a huge effort while you search for the needed information and without taking a long time to find what you look for. You are given the right to access more than 3500 county court records, 50 state appellate records, 30 plus years of address histories that come to you from thousands of sources, nationwide court records, more than 250 country arrest records, 50 state sex offender records, more than 500 state and 100 federal prison data and more than 300 million criminal records.


InteliGator allows you to perform unlimited number of premium searches and to have the right to access more than 1 billion records. All the information that you want to get is available whether it is about the person’s previous or current status. You can get information about anyone’s current or previous addresses, the phone numbers, social web search, e-mail addresses, date of birth, income information, property ownership, Aliases or Maiden name, death index,  you can check sex offender records and nationwide criminal records to find out if the person whom you suspect had committed a crime before or not and you can also get information about others who have relations with the one whom you want to get information about such as the members of the family, relatives and associates.


InteliGator gives you the right to access different records such as criminal records, court records, birth records, marriage and divorce records. It is not necessary when you use InteliGator to know the name of the person whom you suspect or whom you want to know more information about because you can get the information that you need through entering the person’s phone number or e-mail address and you can also get all the information that you may need about properties through entering the house number, street name and type, city and state in which the house is located. InteliGator is also beneficial for tracking old friends and colleagues whom we have not contact for a long time.

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You are not allowed to use the data that you get about different persons for business or commercial purposes, you are allowed to use this information for personal purpose only and not more. If you tried to violate any of the rules and terms of InteliGator, then you will be deprived of your right to use it and your licenses will be automatically terminated without waiting for getting a permission from you. You can get a 4-day trial membership and have unlimited access to all the searches for just $1 or get one month membership for $19.95 per month with the ability to cancel your account at anytime you want.

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