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4 Features To Look For in an Email Verification Software

Email marketing is becoming more popular day by day among business owners, as it is the most effective and fastest way to reach targeted clients. Your email lists are valuable and need to be protected in all ways. Email verification protects your reputation and your server domains from getting blacklisted. It increases the efficiency of your email campaigns and allows you to send messages to the right addresses. Before you spend money on an email verifier, there are various features you should consider.

1 Capacity 
Various software programs have various capacities. There are email software programs that can verify millions of emails and others that are technically limited. If your email list is growing fast, you need an email verifier which is able to manage large amounts of emails.

2 Accuracy 
You can’t be sure of an email address until you get it verified by a specialized piece of software. To make things easy and to avoid wasting money on invalid emails, you need to go with an email verifier that has a reliable bounce detection feature. Email verification platforms can really make a difference in your marketing results. When you upload your email list on such a platform, it will automatically spot invalid, fake and dead email addresses, and some of them will even eliminate abuse emails and spam traps. You should read some reviews about different email verifiers prior to purchasing such a service. Always go with the system that provides the highest accuracy and save your money and time.

3 Process 
Before you decide to buy email verification credits from any company, make sure their validation process doesn’t include sending any emails to your customers. That would raise suspicions about your business and may even result in legal issues. A good email verifier will use a dedicated software to clean your email list. Only amateurs send emails to check whether a certain address is correct.

4 Email verification should be easy 
As a business owner, you have many things to do. An email verifier will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business that need your attention. Also, the software should be easy to use. Usually, you’d be able to upload your email list into the system and let it process every address, while you work on something else. An email verifier that requires lots of effort and takes up too much of your time is not worth spending money on. Read about the email verification process before you make your final purchase. Always choose the best!

Other features you should look for are price, speed, the company’s privacy policy and how responsive its customer support is.

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