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Accurate Comparison of Fatcow vs JustHost Companies and Which Is More Positive?

Making a comparison between two web hosting companies can be extremely difficult these days, considering there is so much to look at. However, if you want your business or blog to succeed it is important to look through reviews of hosting companies. This will help you choose the right company.

Right now in the web hosting industry, Fatcow and JustHost are the top picks.You have to choose between Fatcow vs JustHost?!

Both web hosting companies are provided on Linux web servers and have some of the same features. These features include FTP access, PHP 4, PHP 5 and also Cron jobs. On top of that, you will receive unlimited mailboxes and transfers.

Both hosting companies are great, but you’ll find that JustHost gives you more when it comes to vouchers, especially with Google AdWords.

But, if you’re an individual that requires your site to run on Ruby on Rails, you’ll need to choose JustHost because Fatcow does not have support for this type of programming.


Fatcow or Justhost CPanel:

There is a significant difference in the control panel between the hosts. For example, JustHost has a wonderful navigation in the CPanel. This is great for those of you who are new to hosting. JustHost also gives you the Fantastico Deluxe script which allows you to install any application like WordPress, osCommerce, and even Drupal. For those of you who would like phpBB installation, they also have this available as well.
Aside from this, FatCow is known for the Plesk control panel which is also easy to navigate with. However, they don’t have as many features as JustHost at the moment. FatCow has InstallCentral which is very similar to the Fantastico Deluxe and is used to install certain applications.


JustHost and Fatcow Costs:

Both hosting companies are considerably cheap if you compare the two.

Right now, JustHost has their standard monthly plan. You have the ability to choose between the 6-month term, all the way up to the 36-month term. Of course, there are many web Justhost coupons floating around which can give you from 20% to 50% discount.

FatCow may seem more expensive than JustHost. We recommend that you search for some Fatcow coupons on the Internet if you want to save with them.


Fatcow or JustHost Customer Service:

It’s always a good idea to pick a hosting company which offers the best customer support, but in reality – these two are on the same levels. You might find that other hosting companies have horrible customer service and this is why you should read reviews ahead of time. When signing up with JustHost or FatCow, you won’t have any trouble in this department. After all, both of these companies offer the best customer service.


Final Conclusion:

Overall, these are both great web hosts which offer many different features. Even though FatCow has a control panel which is slower than JustHost, you’ll find that it doesn’t affect any of your websites. The majority of people like using cPanel more than Plesk, because they are more familiar with it. If you are new to hosting, you may enjoy JustHost Fantastico Deluxe instead of Fatcow InstallCentral. If this is true, you should go with JustHost.

With this is mind, JustHost has a higher advantage because they are cheaper and more reliable in terms of the CPanel navigation plus other features.

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