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Fatcow vs iPage Company | Which Hosting is The Best of This Comparison

In case you are searching for a web hosting company, it is a good idea to compare several different companies prior to signing up. This way, you’ll be able to match your business needs to determine which host is good for you. Two particular web hosts that have caught our attention are Fatcow vs iPage.

Both these web hosting companies are extremely professional when it comes to handling customers and also reliable in their uptime.

iPage first emerged in 1999 and now hosts over a million domains. In general, it gets great reviews.

As for FatCow, they have been in business since 1998 and are hosting 40,000 domains. Over the past few years, FatCow has received excellent ratings in the hosting industry. They have also won a few awards because of their high quality hosting.


Hosting Plans Comparison:

Currently, iPage offers a basic plan which has unlimited  domains, bandwidth and also unlimited disk space.

Fatcow offers the same features, but they also have the MiniMoo plan which was created for parking domains. Each web host has different features but in the most part, they are very similar in nature.


Hosting Features Comparison:

iPage features include site creation tools and installation wizards in their plans. This allows you to easily put up your own blog or gallery site. For those of you who have their own store – you will absolutely love this hosting company. After all, they have strong e-commerce features such as a shopping cart, Paypal, and catalogs as well. If you need vouchers for Yahoo or Google, you’ll receive them directly from iPage once you have signed up with one of their hosting plans. Actually, this is just a bonus.

FatCow also has great tools when it comes to creating your website. The unlimited bandwidth and space, makes it easy to grow your business online if you are someone who has tons of content like picture or videos. Applications can be utilized with open source and also you are able to install certain forums. If you decide to sign up with FatCow, you’ll receive the E-Store builder and some free credits. What are the free credits about? Well, these are from Google and Yahoo which have been offered as a free method of advertising. Some web hosts give these out to entice a user to sign up with Google or Yahoo.


FatCow vs iPage; Pricing Comparison:

The best deal in terms of hosting, is iPage’s basic plan which stands at a low price monthly or yearly.

FatCow, on the other hand – is a bit more expensive.

Both hosting companies are extremely reliable, but we would have to say FatCow is the best for speed and page loading.

FatCow is using Linux servers which also provide backups on a daily basis. iPage instead uses Dell servers to make everything faster and more reliable in terms of hosting. Both hosting companies have the same uptime guarantee, at 99.9% uptime.


 Final Conclusion:

If you need a hosting company which gives you plenty of support, go with FatCow. They have many ways of support such as their toll free number, emails, live chats, and even a FAQ page. To top it off, they also have a knowledge and tutorial section to minimize the number of calls they get, which results in faster customer service. Now, iPage is also great in their customer service support although they only offer basic methods of contact like toll free calling, online chat, and e-mail.

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