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FatCow.com Review ! a full service web hosting company.

 About FatCow.com :
FatCow.com is a full service web hosting company, founded in 1998, that offers a variety of easy to use website templates, mailboxes, storage, blogging services and more. While there are many different packages offered from FatCow.com most are packed with a huge number of services and are reasonably priced. The templates and advertising credits also make this hosting site a bit more accessible and useful for people who aren’t necessarily experienced enough to create a web presence on their own. FatCow.com also offers live chat support online, phone support, and an easy dashboard to access your account information and services.

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 Services and features offered by FatCow.com :

-FatCow.com hosts your website.
-FatCow.com offers easy access to tech support
-FatCow offers Google/Yahoo/Bing credits to help get your website ranked
-FatCow offers SSL and Site-lock services to keep your website safe and secure.
-FatCow offers all sorts of options to save and backup your website.
-FatCow offers a drag and drop site builder for those with little to no coding or website building experience.
-FatCow offers a variety plans and price ranges.
-FatCow offers affordable domain registration services
-FatCow offers photo galleries and blogs

 Advantages of using FatCow :

FatCow is an easy to use, full service hosting company and more that requires little to no experience and offers several price ranges for you to choose from. FatCow offers a safe and secure online presence and even starts boosting your website’s popularity right out the door by providing SEO credits and advertising opportunities. The ease of using FatCow and its services, and their easy to reach tech support makes them stand out above and beyond most of their competition.


 Guarantees of FatCow :

FatCow offers a guarantee of a minimum 99% up-time backed by a 30 day, money back guarantee on hosting services.


 Reliability of FatCow :

FatCow is loved by many for its reliability. They promise 99% up time for your website but most clients report that they have never had a problem with website downtime. If the company does experience an issue you are promptly contacted by FatCow and their customer service is always open to you as well. Bottom line; FatCow offers extremely reliable hosting services.


 Negative Aspects of FatCow :

FatCow has several features that are only available if you purchase higher priced packages. This means some of the features you might need will end up costing you more than they might at another hosting company. While priced competitively, having various packages can make it a bit difficult to know which service to choose from.


 Customer Service :

FatCow customer service is convenient and easy to access. On FatCow.com you’ll find a live chat option, 2 phone numbers and an email contact option and on the dashboard there is a quick help button as well. You can also find forums and a FAQ page for questions you need answered right away.


 Conclusion :

FatCow.com offers a great service especially for those who aren’t necessarily tech savvy. You’ll have your advertising kick started, your website search engine optimized. Best of all with FatCow’s templates and drag and drop interfaces you’ll be able to customize and personalize your website without any website design experience. FatCow’s hosting 99% uptime service also makes them the perfect choice for hosting any website, even if it’s your own personal, custom built website presence in most cases.


 Deals and Coupons :

Check FatCow.com frequently for special promotions and deals. Right now there is a $56 a year deal that you can take advantage of but you’ll want to check back often because the deals do change on a regular basis. There is always some promotion available to make their services more appealing and a variety of add-on’s that when bundled offer even better discounts for FatCow customers.

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