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Trendy Fashion: 15+ Hottest Celebrities’ Hairstyles Trends

Celebrities are focal points to whom everyone look up when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. They are human beings who surely have their own taste, just like the rest of us, but since the nature of their work requires constant care for their hair and look, they maintain elegant appearance using renewed and unusual styles of cloth, make up and haircuts which empress many. Hollywood celebrities have shown great discrepancy in their hairstyles from the cutest and most adorable to the weirdest and strangest ones ever. If you are looking for a hair new look, check out this list of celebs who have gone the extra mile in styling their hair.


Without questioning the punk rock star, Pink, should be on the top of such lists. Pink’s fans are always used to seeing her in the strangest styles ever, moreover she never stop renewing her look which makes her more interesting. Pink once showed up with a pink, Mohawk hairstyle. She also utterly shaved the sides of her head.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Charming Jenna, Channing Tatum spouse, has always been looking great in her short curly hair. She has not changed her style much, only added those choppy bangs. She still looks dazzling than ever.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie, the photogenic queen has been a role model to a lot of young girls. She has transformed her hair from short black to a bright red. No one can deny that she nailed it in that look as much as any other previous one.

Hailey Baldwin

Lately, Hailey Baldwin has obviously decided herself to transform her look from the delightfully cute to wildly sexy. Her hair has grown longer and she made her mind up to dye it into pink and let it soothingly fall into wide curls.

Miley Cyrus

We have all gotten used to Miley‘s hair drastic transformations into the wildest style ever. Lately, she has styled her blond hair into a short straight casual; she looks stunning in this style.


Rihanna is another pop star that styles her hair in a unique way. Recently, she has transformed her hair from that African long dreadlocks to shiny and slick new look.

Kristen Stewart

The twilight star was seen, in September, in a short pixie and bleached blond hair. Although she has recently changed her hair into a slick brunette, but that pixie cut was very punk and wild. You can consider that look if you are thinking of transforming yourself into a wild punk girl.

Selena Gomez

After the celebration of her last birthday, Selena Gomez was seen with a new hairstyle. She has been styling her hair long and slick for a while, but now she turned it into mid-length curls with curly bangs. She looks cuter than ever.

Elle Fanning

Last July the Maleficent star, Elle Fanning, was seen in a dusty rose hair instead of her naturally blond look keeping its length. She looks gorgeous.