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12 Fashion Trends of Summer 2019 and How to Style Them

Summer is approaching, and many ladies have already started the joyful task of updating their wardrobes for the season of colors and heat. Well, we want to help and, therefore, brought you stunning fashion trends inspired by spring/summer 2019 runways. However, knowing about fashion trends may not be enough; some are easy to style while others are challenging. So, we are also excited to share with you ideas on applying the following trends in your outfits elegantly and effortlessly. For more ideas, you could visit Tally-Weijl and view their summer collection.

1 Neons

Neons are one of the most controversial trends of summer 2019. The fashion runways witnessed a significant presence of bright neons. However, many ladies are hesitant about inviting these bold, unusual shades to their closets. Well, a safe way to style the trend stylishly is to stay away from all-neon looks. A neon item, whether top or bottom, paired with others of cool and neutral shades is an elegant arrangement to complement your look with the neon accent. For example, pair a neon green crop top with light blue jeans; check the push UP jeans from Tally-Weijl and their neon collection.

2 Animal prints

Animal prints have been a huge trend for a while, and apparently, no one will get bored of it any time soon. For example, the fall/winter runways 2018/2019 witnessed bold applications such as all animal prints look; models appeared covered in animal prints from head to toe. To apply the trend, Include different patterns such as leopard, snake, tortoise, etc. Be the printed items are dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, blazers, or tops they will provide you with irresistible charm. You do not have to over-apply it. Animal prints are bold. So, add them to the extent that suits you as well as the occasion.

3 Beige hues

Beige is a fantastic neutral color that is loved by many. Well,  the good news is that it is quite trendy as well. All-beige look was present strongly in the spring/summer 2019 runways. However, beige is such a rich color that you can incorporate into your outfits in various ways; arranging different shades in a monochrome outfit is one of them. You could also mix it with neon greens and yellows. A white and beige striped shirt would also be fantastic with jeans or beige trousers.

4 Monochromes

The monochrome trend has been rocking the fashion scene for years, stirring the admiration of numerous ladies. Instead of arranging an outfit of matching and contrasting colors, you do it using one color or different shades of it. It is quite unusual, interesting, and artistic. You could still achieve contrasts using pieces of different textures and designs. An example of the monochrome trend is the all-black and all-white looks. However, it could be applied with any color you love.

5 Crop tops

Crop tops, with their versatile designs, are popular among women. They are stylish, practical, and therefore, suitable for the hot days of summer. For a classy look, pair them with high-waisted trousers or skirts. Make use of their diversity and load your closet with pieces of various styles and materials so that you can wear them on different occasions. Besides, if you are a businesswoman or simply into blazers, consider crop blazers. They look quite elegant too.

6 Florals

Floral prints are a timeless summer trend. It is hard to imagine its glamour fading, for it bears the essence of summer, the season of sun, life, and blooming. A floral accent in your outfit can change the mood and whole day, not only yours but that of those who see and deal with you. Flowers indeed have a powerful and positive influence. Plus, with all the types and colors of floral prints, you can never get bored with the trend. Go for unique shapes and different items: sundresses, shirtdresses, skirts, shirts, etc.

7 Shorts and playsuits

After the models rocked in them in the runways, shorts and playsuits are expected to rule in summer 2019. From shiny satin shorts to floral playsuits, the fashion designers employed shorts with different degrees of boldness, and you should do the same. Use the trend to nail a look that you feel relaxed in and satisfied with. If you want to go bold, pair a stretch shiny short with a matching top. To lower the edginess, go for loose-fitting shorts with cool colors.

8 Utility tops and bottoms

It is another retro trend that is both fashionable and functional. It can be styled by pairing a utility crop top with high-waisted trousers, jeans, or a skirt. Another way comprises utility trousers and a simple top. Utility trousers do not have to be military inspired; loose-fitted trousers with pockets are fantastic and enough to nail the look.

9 Crochet

Crochet showed up in different designs in the runways. It is a retro fashion trend that we are glad for its restoration. Crochet craft-work has its unique beauty that you should not miss. Complement your summer outfit collection with one or two crochet pieces, whether dresses, tops, cardigans, skirts, etc. They are perfect to style in a monochrome outfit, for their texture will enrich your look.

10 Ruffles

Who does not love to wear a ruffled dress or top? Their irresistible beauty kept them at the top of this summer trends as they were in its precedent. Besides, ruffles are a significant element of boho style whose popularity has been growing the few past years. To nail a boho look, pair a ruffled top with loose-fitting trousers or a short, or go for a ruffled boho dress. For a classic style, a plain ruffled blouse with trousers, and maybe a blazer, are what you need. Plus, It is another piece that could provide a monochrome outfit with texture and dimension.

11 Bucket hats

Bucket hats in different shapes and materials were present in the summer 2019 runways. These accessory pieces form a trend that is expected to go big this summer, not just for their elegance but functionality as well. They guarantee your head and face protection from the burning sun of the hot season. So, make sure to add some of them, whether plain, velvety, floral or animal printed, to your wardrobe.

12 Lace

Spring/summer fashion runways of 2019 witnessed the presence of lace in less subtle and more masculine designs. The main idea of the trend is to contrast the femininity of lace with masculine accents. To apply it, you could combine a pretty lace dress with more masculine-looking shoes or a lace top with utility trousers or a short.

These were some fashion trends of summer 2019 that we hope will inspire you while updating your closet for the hot season. Choose from them what suit your personality and taste. And if you are into online shopping, check Tally-Weijl where you will find more options and outfit ideas.