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15 Hottest Fashion Color Trends You’ll Love in 2019

Want to know the hottest fashion color trends for the next year to decide what to wear? Fashion color trends are changed every year and do not even stay the same throughout the year. They differ from one season to another as there are colors that suit cold seasons such as the dark colors, while there are other colors that suit hot seasons such as pastel colors. Some colors go up, others go down and there are some colors that completely leave us to be present in another year. All of these changes happen every year which means that you have to always check out the latest fashion color trends that are presented every year. This makes it easy for you to decide what to wear and how to look fashionable and gorgeous in all seasons. Here are 15 hottest fashion color trends to know what wear and how to pair different colors with each other to finally create an exciting combination.

♦ Pastel colors

Pastel colors are commonly believed to be perfect for spring and summer seasons only because of their warm weather, but this is not true. These colors are more common in warm seasons but this does not prevent you from wearing them in cold seasons especially fall when the sunshine is still there to allow us to enjoy these colors for a longer time. Pastel colors such as pastel pinks, touches of peach, pastel blues and mints are all hot fashion color trends for the next year including fall and winter seasons. If you do not know how to wear these colors in different seasons, take a look at the pastel outfit ideas that are presented here.

♦ Lilac

Lilac is another hot color for the next year. It helps you to look more feminine. It is usually worn in warm seasons such as spring and fashion summer seasons. It is difficult to be worn in cold seasons specially winter for the rainy and cloudy weather that is not suitable for this color at all. If you love this color and insist on wearing it in winter, then it will be better to do this on special occasions only to look unique and more gorgeous than others.

♦ Black

Is there any woman who does not adore this color? It is loved by almost all women and fashion designers. You can find it in different fashion shows and all the collections presented by famous fashion designers. This color is the best and will stay the same forever. It cannot let you down whenever you need it and wherever you wear it. Sometimes it goes down but always remains on the list of the hottest fashion colors every year. Black suits all seasons but it is perfect for cold seasons especially winter. Black can be mixed with other colors such as red, different shades of grey and fuchsia for an exciting contrast.

♦ Pink & fuchsia

Pink and fuchsia are among the hottest fashion color trends you are going to find in the upcoming seasons. They suit all ages and can be worn by both young girls and women as well. They have the ability to always make you look younger. They are perfect for both cold and hot seasons which allows you to enjoy wearing them throughout the year.

♦ Orange “Coral & tangerine”

Are you looking for catchy colors that can help you get rid of stress and become more energetic? If it is yes, then you need to opt for these colors. Coral and tangerine appeared in several fashion shows on different pieces women wear such as pants, dresses, sweaters, coats and even accessories to be found on boots and handbags. Coral and tangerine can be paired with other amazing colors such as pink, navy blue, black, white and beige for a stunning combination.

♦ Olive green & khaki

Olive green and khaki come back again to be present in the upcoming year. They are known to be safari and military colors as well for being used by many armies all over the world. This does not prevent you from wearing these colors on various occasions and in different seasons throughout the year especially the fall and winter seasons.

♦ Blue “Navy & Cobalt blue” 

Blue is one of the hottest and most noteworthy fashion color trends to be presented to women for the next year. This color is really amazing not just because it can increase your beauty and make you more gorgeous, but also because it is available in various shades and suits all seasons. It does not matter whether you like navy blue, cobalt blue or airy blue because all of these catchy and stunning blue shades and more will be available in the next year. The blue color can be worn in both hot and cold seasons, so what else do you need to enjoy wearing this color in the coming year?

Other fascinating fashion color trends you are going to find in the next year