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Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022

Because we know you don’t have time to go through all the recommendations in your feed, we’ve compiled a list of The most Famous makeup artists Worldwide you should follow and be inspired by. These are the biggest names in the industry with the most followers and influence. Some of them are the founders of the world’s fastest-growing beauty product brands.

It takes a great deal of talent and education to stand out among the fierce competition in makeup artistry. One great way to be constantly updated about the new and creative techniques the famous most successful makeup artists use is by following their new artworks online.

2021-08-17_013431 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
famous makeup artists

 The age of social media has offered deep access to the makeup brands, techniques, trends, looks, and beauty products used by top celebrities when shared by their makeup artists share. This industry attracts tens of millions of followers eager to glimpse these new artistic creations and transformations.

You may be asking yourself who the most Famous makeup artists Worldwide you should follow and what advantages you will gain by doing so. Many of these artists are recognized for their distinct taste and style; some are self-taught, while others have had significant training and expertise from the world’s best makeup schools.

Following them will put a lot of that knowledge at your fingertips, where you may learn and be inspired.

Name #1: Bobbie Brown

2021-08-17_010246 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
Bobbi Brown

She’s not only a gifted makeup artist and beauty expert with millions of followers, but she’s also a highly influential entrepreneur who’s seen by millions as a motivational figure. There’s a good chance you’ve come across her work if you’re passionate about makeup, beauty hacks, and well-being because she’s a New York Times Bestselling author.

She has written nine books that you can consider guidelines in your career as a professional makeup artist. On top of that, she is The Today Show’s beauty editor; Brown also runs her editorial website, the, and Beauty Evolution LLC. Her former cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, valued a billion dollars by leaving it in 2016.

Name #2: Mario Dedivanovic

2021-08-17_002930 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
Mario Dedivanovic

Titled as “The Contour King,” this is the man who showed the entire world the power of contouring and turned it into an indispensable viral makeup hack; Mario Dedivanovic is one of the most trusted celebrities MUA with more than 6 million followers on Instagram.

His page on Instagram and other social media platforms reveals some secrets to his unique and many masterpieces. You can also learn about his lifestyle and background, career, and role in Kardashian’s cosmetics line KKW Beauty.

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Name #3: Hung Vanngo

2021-08-17_003308 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
Hung Vanngo

Hung Vango developed his passion for art in the form of makeup and fashion from a young age.

This Vietnamese-by-origin Canadian-raised artist matured his natural talent and creativity into professional skills to create iconic runway looks capable of captivating high-taste celebrities and top fashion photographers and attracting millions of admirers all over the world.

Renowned as “Hung Van Glow,” the artist who’s known for his signature sparkly dramatic touches and smoky-eye looks. His orientation of accentuating natural features with subtle hints of aesthetics has attracted to his work top-notch names in the fashion design industry, all of whom consider Hung a global ambassador for their products, including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lancôme, Victorinox, and Victorinox.

Join 2 million followers on Instagram, including Selena Gomez, Gisele Bündchen, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, to get a glimpse of Vango’s lifestyle and behind-the-scenes details of his childhood, which by the way had too many desperate moments that contributed to the depth of his talent now, and also learn some the latest fashion and makeup trends.

Name #4: Lisa Eldridge

2021-08-17_005307 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
lisa eldridge

Lisa is regarded as one of the most prestigious and highly respected makeup artists in the world. She initially rose to prominence 20 years ago when she perfected supermodel Cindy Crawford’s makeup style. She has never failed to draw more attention to her work since then.

She has over 200 million YouTube subscribers who watch her in-depth makeup tutorials and follow her trusted beauty recommendations on skincare and new products that are worth investing in. Her YouTube channel paved the way for her appointment as Lancôme Creative Director, and she has her own trade line of Glow-Ups.

On her Instagram account, where she reveals beauty secrets, cover photos, and the products she uses in her looks, the British accomplished makeup artist and businesswoman has over 2.5 million followers, including celebrities like Eva Green, Dua Lipa, and more.

Name #5: Pat McGrath

2021-08-17_005605 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
Pat McGrath

Known for her colorful makeup splashes and bold touches that she seems to perfect very well. Pat McGrath is not only recognized and appreciated by celebrities and followers from all over the world for the new trends her creativity brings to the field but she is also considered one of the top-rated MUA’s in the eyes of experts in the fashion and cosmetic industry, according to Vogue Magazine and many other stylish magazines.

Many celebrities regarded Pat as one of the most influential runway makeup artists due to her fascinating biography and long professional journey. She has also served as Procter & Gamble’s Global Cosmetics Creative Design Director. Join her 2 million followers and see the looks she created for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Madona, Jennifer Lopez, and others.

Name #6: Sir John

2021-08-17_005757 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
Sir John

He’s the man behind many of Beyoncé’s most memorable looks over the last decade, which is enough to tell you about this world-famous celebrity makeup artist with a long list of accomplishments and fantastic inventiveness.

Other than working with Beyoncé, he worked his magic on the faces of the Kardashians, Karlie Kloss, Ashley Graham, Joan Smalls, and others; his beauty advice is sought after by many of the industry’s leading cosmetic firms, and he’s been one of L’Oreal’s most trusted makeup artists for years.

Name #7: Nam Vo

2021-08-17_005940 Top 7 Most Famous Makeup Artists Worldwide That You Should Follow in 2022
Nam Vo

Nam Vo is probably best known for her extra girly and plump looks, including her infamous dewy dumpling looks. She shares her secrets and techniques for creating radiant skin tones with highlighters and shimmery makeup with her followers. You’ll never be short on videos and constant posts and tutorials on Vo’s Instagram page.

Aside from achieving extra-radiant natural makeup looks, she is dedicated to assisting every lady in achieving flawless, glowing skin for real. So she offers her tips with over three million+ followers daily. 

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