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20+ Best Eyewear Trends for Men and Women

Eyewear has always been a main component of fashion industry. Being a real add to men/ women’s look, eyeglasses have earned huge interest from both sexes. Weather optical or sunglasses, you need to carefully pick up what suits your face and character as well as the latest trends of the eyewear fashion. The fall- winter collections and trends  comprise some previous, popular styles along with new ones. Here are the main, latest eyewear trends.

Eyewear with the colors of fall

The color palette of the cold season is an echo of fall tones; black, clear, browns and reds. And the Tortoiseshell colorway is quite desirable.

This is the marble tortoise Stellar from Vint & York fall collection. The frame is half black tortoise trimmed, half transparent. Lenses are square shaped with impressive soft twists. The unisex glasses are also available in red and green, but this pair is more elegant and aligned with the color trends of the season.

Another tortoise eyeglasses, from Michael Kors this time. Ambrosine rim conveys elegance and femininity with its pink tortoise trims, and lenses’ smooth angels.

A Michael Kors eyewear for ladies; Mitzi I pair of sunglasses is of brown tortoise trims with a bit of clear. It is also available in grey.

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Glitterati is of Vint & York women sunglasses collection. It is with clear rim and also available in black.

This black pair of eye glasses is part of Polo Ralph Lauren’s men new collection. The textured metal temple is definitely an elegant add, so as the keyhole bridge.

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RB6355 is of Ray-Ban’s new collection, with round lenses and titanium rim.

Another Ray-Ban tortoise trimmed pair of glasses; RB7073 is of round, plastic lenses frame and titanium bridge and temples.

And with red and bit of clear rim, Vint & York created their stunning IT glasses with its streamlines and oval glasses frame.

Trendy shapes of the cold season..

Round and square frames

Round and square rims are central eyewear trends, and the demand on them is on the rise. Also thick frames are a trend due to their suitability for winter.

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Here is a unisex Ray-Pan round frame. RB7075 is available in five colors.

This is Emporio Armani‘s EA2041 men sunglasses with round, metallic rim.

And a unisex Gucci sunglasses with square, also thick, rim and dark tortoiseshell trims.

A square pair of sunglasses, also Gucci’s, of beige front along with golden trims and tortoiseshell temples for women.

Cat Eye eyewear

The cat eye glasses frames are popular styles that maintained their place in the new season trends. The style is widely employed in sunglasses as well.

This Gucci pair for men is half trimmed plastic, half golden metal rim and temples.

Another gorgeous cat eye sunglasses from Emporio Armani.

Oversized and clear lenses

Oversized eyewear is also a strong trend of winter as in the American online fashion ideas magazine. For sunglasses clear lenses, sometimes with a bit gradient darkening at the top are popular and fit with the weak sun of the cold season. So they are quite strong competitors of dark lenses.

Here’s a Gucci eyewear with oversized, nearly clear lenses, thick, transparent frame and black trims.

Another Gucci’s square, oversized rim is elegantly trimmed by rhinestone.

Zelda; Vent & York attractive glasses, with cat eye frame, oversized lenses and feminine shape. The frame trims are of ivory and brown degrees, with golden touch.

Bearcat oversized sunglasses for women, also from Vint & York.

Vint & York‘s Moll sunglasses with oversized lenses; the pair’s white rim with golden hue gives a clear feminine touch.

Half dark half clear lenses of Oversized, round shape, this time with masculine accent. Vent and York’s Bluenose sunglasses are horn-rimmed.