Extraordinary and dazzling ideas for decorating your bedroom

   The bedroom is the most important room in your home. It is even more important than the living room, as it has its privacy and it is the place where you rest your body after a long and tiring day. You may have problems in decorating your bedroom (see latest bedroom decoration trends) and face difficulties when you decide to decorate it because it became boring for you and need to be refreshed. If you are a non traditional woman who looks for innovative ideas for designing, you will find below many  design and decorate your bedroom in a non traditional. We always look for all the new ideas to make use of them and most of the new ideas for designing bedrooms are taken from the surrounding things in our life and also based on saving space.

   Because bed is the center of the room that attracts the attention of any one and because it is the most used piece in the room, we will concentrate more on it.

creative beds enignum

  • The Enignum Bed: it looks simple, but stylish, fantastic and royal at the same time.
  • cinderella bed
  • Fantasy Coach Bed: it is taken from the Disney world as it appears in the story of Cinderella. It is very suitable for the girls as they will like it.
  • cosmovoide bedroom
  • Cosmovoide Luxury Bed: it takes the shape of an un complete egg. It provides with all the means of luxury, as it is comfortable, provided with two mattresses, home theater, TV in front of you when you sleep in the bed, telephone and lights at the top of the bed( in the bed’s ceiling ). It is an integrated room.
  • creative beds giant nest
  • Bird’s Nest Bed: it is found in three sizes and the largest size is take about 16 persons. It is filled with comfortable pillows.
  • cloud bedroom
  • Private Cloud Bed: if you like rocking, then you will like it. It is like rocking chairs but in a larger size and it is bigger than normal beds, so it will need more space. The top of the bed is covered .
  • creative beds letto zip
    creative beds letto zip room
    creative beds letto zip
  • Zip Bed: it is really strange as you can zip the bed up when you do not use it and can hide all the mess on it. You will not need to tidy it from now. Un zip it when you want to sleep and you can also zip it up while you are sleeping in it.
  • creative beds floating
    creative beds floating
  • Magnetic Floating Bed: experience the feeling of floating using that bed. It floats depending on the power of permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets. The large size holds about 900 kilograms while the small one holds about 80 kilograms.
  • creative beds therapy decoration
    creative beds therapy
    creative beds therapy
  • Therapy Bed: it is a contemporary bed that is especially designed for curing insomnia. It is provided with curtains that close automatically when you sit on the bed. The curtains provide a quiet environment as they isolate the disturbing sounds.
  • scoop
    creative beds book bed
    creative beds coach bunk bed
    trix bed
    There are beds that are especially designed for saving space and to be multi purposed such as the ( Sosia Bed, Book Bed and Doc Sofa Bunk Bed)

Finally, choose the most beautiful design that suits your requirements and reflects your personality.     

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