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Experts Reveal 10 Relationship Secrets to Make Your Partner Feel Special

People say that Money can buy everything under the sun but Love. This fact is true to a large extent. Two relationships are very close; one that is between the mother and child, and the other is between couples. The relationship between a mother and child is special because the mother holds the child for nine months in her womb and the child is a part of the mother’s body. Similarly, the relationship between a man and a woman is special, especially if they are wedded to each other because they exchange body fluids during intercourse.

 Ten Secrets to make your partner feel special

Here are ten secrets on how to make the second relationship mentioned above a quite special one. Many times, with the rigors of practical life setting in after a marriage has crossed three years, the couple start taking each other for granted. They forget to do simple things that can make or break their relationship with their significant half.

1 Complement your partner on his appearance

If your partner happens to be dressed in sexy lingerie at night, compliment them on their sexiness. This will tell the partner that he or she is being observed closely. This will improve their self-esteem many notches, resulting in a good experience in bed. While complimenting someone, we use polite and good words, however, by hearing them, the partner feels on top of the world. This will make them feel important.

2 Let your partner know it when s/he has done something good for you

People come together because they have influenced each other’s lives positively. A male marries a female because he has found something praiseworthy in her, and he tells her about it. So does the female. However, after they get married, they start taking each other for granted.  This creates discord in the relationship and it breaks if it is not nurtured properly.

3 Support your partner in his decisions

If your partner is hesitant in following a certain path, let him know that you are with him in whatever decision he takes. Encourage him to take the decision and show him why he should take the decision. Show him the pros and cons of following the different paths he has in front of him. Reinforce your trust in him by giving him positive affirmations.

4 Encourage your partner to take time for self-care

Encourage your partner to take care of himself/herself, while s/he takes care of the family. This may be just the reassurance they need to act on their self-care.

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5 Make sure to praise your partner in public

Make sure that you praise your partner in public. It makes a lot of difference to them when their contributions are acknowledged in front of others who are important to you. Doing this will make your partner feel acknowledged. He will start doing more for you if he notices this behavior of yours towards him.

6 Listen to them when they want to vent out their feelings

Be there for your partner when he or she wants to vent our his/her feelings to you. Avoid being judgmental at such times. At such times, giving them your undivided attention can go a long way in strengthening your relationship with your partner. While you do this, try flirting with him/her. This will introduce humor into your interactions.

7 Do not be afraid to share your weaknesses with your partner

If your partner is open to sharing his or her vulnerabilities with you, reciprocate and be open in return. This lets them know that you are also a human being like them and they do not start expecting you to do miracles. Platitudes like “I will bring the sun for you” are best relegated to the books.

8 Offer to help them on some big project that will be overwhelming for them

Doing this will go a long way in assuring them that you mean to ease their burden. This will also show them that you love and support them. This will also increase your understanding of them. A person’s behavior when he is under stress goes a long way in telling you about his feelings towards you.

9 Give them a special gift

Put something you know s/he will like in their nightstand drawer. When they find it, they will be delighted with it. It will be a welcome and special surprise. This will be a gesture to tell them that you do think about them and want them to feel special.

10 Invite them to do something exclusively with you

Go for a coffee, drink or dinner together. This will tell them that they are a priority for you. This will also tell your partners that you are ready to spend quality time with them when the need arises. Do not make this a routine or it will lose its novelty. Try doing it when your partner is caught up with some issues. Discuss the issue over a coffee or a luncheon.

There are many other ways to tell your partner that they are special. If you are creative, consistent and regular with showing your partner that s/he is special for you, it will go a long way in making them feel special. Do unto your partner that you want your partner do for you. Every male/female wants attention, acknowledgment and nurturing. The more nurtured and contented one feels in your presence, the better will be the relationship. Having arguments is not wrong, but going to bed with hidden anguish is incorrect. Try sorting out your issues before going to bed so that you do not take your hurt to bed. Doing this will let your partner know how much you are ready to tolerate, and where he or she has to draw a line. Learn to present your point of view to them but do not hurt them as you do so.