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65 Most Expensive Diamond Watches in the World

There are some watches that just tell us the time, but there are others that be more than a time tool. They are a piece of jewelry that decorate your look and give you a special place among people.

Chopard 201 karat watch

This watch is the most expensive one with 201 karats of colored diamonds that costs $25 million. It is made by Switzerland-based company named Chopard which comes with three heart-shaped diamonds weighing 38 carats (15 carat pink heart diamond, 12 carats blue heart diamond and 11 carats white heart diamond) surrounded by white and yellow flowery diamonds weighing 163 carats. In total, you will get 201 carats diamonds in this watch.



Kallista Diamond Watch

The word “Kallista” means in Greek ‘The most beautiful’. It is included 186 emerald cut diamonds 160 carats in weight with white gold body. It costs $10 million.





Mouawad Snow White Princess Diamond Watch

It was launched at the Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition in Qatar. It is made from 233 colorless cut diamonds of different sizes totaling 106.93 carats with18-carat white gold. Its price is $6.8 million.

Mouawad Snow White Princess Diamond Watch - Perspective-1



Hublot Big Bang

It is made from 1,282 diamonds with 18K white gold case. It was taken 14 months of hard work by 12 diamond cutters. It costs $5 million.




The Piaget Emperador Temple

It comes in pyramid style which makes the watch has two faces, the first face as a bracelet if you close it and the second one as a watch if you open it up. It is covered in 1,212 diamonds which makes the price $3.3 million.




Cartier Phoenix Secret Watch

It is made of 18-carat, rhodium-plated white gold and covered with over 3,000 brilliant-cut diamonds. It costs $2,755,000.



Fibonacci Pocket Watch

This one is made by Parmigiani Fleurier which is decorated with enameling of a lotus flower from many cut diamonds and some precious stones. This one takes two years to manufacture and its price is $2.4 million.



Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants Watch

This one has 480 diamonds for a total of 58 carats with  white gold three-piece case which is set with 42 carats of diamonds. It costs $1.8 million.




Blancpain Specialites Tourbillon Diamants 2926-5222-92S

Piaget Dragon and Phoenix Secret Watch

Both of them are more than a watch, you can use them as a bracelet too. Few details have been released on these two, but from the look to the watches you can guess what you want to know. They are all covered with many sparkle cut diamonds. they cost $1.72 million.







Chopard Super Ice Cube watch

It is made of white gold covered with baguette-cut diamonds that weigh 66 carats in all. Its price is $1.1 million.


Айс куб


Chopard Secret Watch

It has a square frame which is encrusted with brilliant cut diamonds that weigh 19 carats. It has strap made of satin and its clasp is made of baguette-cut diamond. It costs $508,000.

02 65 Most Expensive Diamond Watches in the World - 1

Chopard Secret


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