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Exotic and Creative Carpet Designs for Your Unique Home

One of the simplest, easiest and most affordable ways for decorating or renewing your home is using carpets. They can be used at any room in your home whether it is in the living room, bedroom, dining room or even bathroom. There is a wide range of carpets that differ in their shapes, materials, sizes and above all their designs. What distinguishes one carpet from another is its design; you can use a carpet that makes your room look unique and inviting. The creative design of the carpet is capable of changing the whole shape of the room, they may also come to be interactive and multifunctional to be used for different purposes and not just covering the floor. Most of the carpets are made of wool but there are others that are made of leather. The designs of the carpets are inspired by the surrounding objects such as food, moss, sea creatures, animals, stones and other shapes that look amazing and make your home look breathtaking. Here are some of the most magnificent and creative carpet designs for your home.

– Slipper carpet: It is a unique carpet design as it features slippers at its edges. You will not need to purchase slippers for your family or your guests because this carpet provides you with enough slippers.


– Brush carpet: Now, you can enjoy your time through using this carpet. Use your hand as a brush that can paint on the carpet the shapes that you want.

brush carpets

– Empty space carpet: You can easily move the carpet without the need to exert a huge effort to move the bed from its place thanks to the empty space that exists in the middle of the carpet.


– Egg carpet: The eggs that are on the carpet can be used as pillows.

egg carpet

– Woody carpet: They are not made of wood, but they look like it to add a natural atmosphere to your home.

wood carpet

– Monster carpets: The carpets look like animals or monsters and some of them come to be bloody through featuring a killed animal with its blood.

monster skin rug

– Global warming carpet: It is a carpet with a bear on it and a small space for ice which shows the global warming that is considered to be one of the most serious environmental problems on earth.

global warming

– Medical carpet: According to the carpet; the best medicine for you is morphine and not laughter as people think and say.


– Colorful carpets: They come with multiple layers with different colors.

multiple layers

– Stone carpets: They are not made of stone, but they consist of small pieces that are stone shaped and are assembled together to form the carpet. There are other carpets that are made by assembling small pieces that take other shapes such as small hearts.

BeachStone Doormat
heart shaped

– Zip carpets: Some of them can be folded to finally look like colorful triangles through using zippers while the others consist of cushions with zippers and  they can be separated to be used alone.

zip rugs
cushions rug

– Water carpet: It consists of more than one piece that finally look like a fountain or a waterfall.


– Mittens carpet: It takes the shape of the mittens that we use in winter which gives you the feeling of warmth.


– Circus rug: It features multiple small dolls that are spread on the surface of the rug.

circus rug with dolls

– LED light carpets: They come with LED lights inside their fabrics that glow which makes them fabulous while they are used in the darkness.

cell LED carpet
LED carpet light

– Clock carpet: There is no need to put a clock near you on the nightstands because this carpet has a clock inside it.

clock carpet

– long fibers carpets: There are carpets which are made through using shoelaces, while there are others that come with very long fabrics to the extent that you can use them as a cover instead of a blanket.

shoelace carpet
long fibers
Unique Carpets

– Sewage cover: Some carpets are inspired by the surrounding objects such as the sewage cover and the most suitable place to use them is in or in front of the bathroom.

sewage cover

– Natural shapes: Some carpets look like green moss and roots while there are other carpets that look like coral reefs.

root rug
coral reefs

– Gramophone record carpet: We always return back to the past through using vintage pieces or those that look like them. This carpet is inspired by a gramophone record with dancers on it.

gramophone record

– Children’s carpets: We cannot forget your kids. There are many carpets that are presented with creative designs for your young kids. They are not only used to cover the floor, but they can also be used as play carpets to allow kids to enjoy their time on the ground and in their room. There are some carpets which look like puzzle games while there are others which come with different games such as tracking routes.


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