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Exclusive: Set-up a $100,000 a Year Marketing Funnel Through the Six-Figure Funnel Formula

Having a marketing funnel is a necessity for most of the online marketers who want to make money and generate high earnings. You may find it difficult to set-up an internet marketing funnel on your own and this is why you start looking for different sources of information such as e-books, software programs, training courses and other sources that allow you to know how to do it. You spend a lot of money and waste long time trying to achieve a satisfactory result. The result which you get is that you become frustrated and give up because there is not a reliable source that you can depend on to start creating your own marketing funnel and making serious money. To make it easier for you to achieve your goal, we present to you the “Six-Figure Funnel Formula”.

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What is the Six-Figure Funnel Formula? Six-figure funnel formula is a detailed training system that is especially presented to newbie marketers who do not know how to start. This system is offered by Todd Brown who is one of the most reliable persons for getting marketing advice and is known among most of the online marketers for creating profitable marketing funnels. Todd Brown has helped many clients with his simple marketing funnels to make more than a million dollars per year.

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The problem is not the lack of traffic It is thought that the main cause of low profits is the lack of traffic as there are some online marketers who do not have money to pay for getting traffic to their websites. But it is not the main cause of getting low amounts of money as there are free methods for generating traffic such as SEO, Blog Posting, Article Distribution, YouTube Marketing, Press Releases and Affiliate Marketing. The problem is not the lack of traffic; the main problem is the inability to convert the traffic to sales because you may have traffic but do not know how to make use of it and turn it into sales for making money and increasing profits. What can six-figure funnel formula do for you? Six-figure funnel formula shows you how to create an internet marketing funnel, generate a list of hot deals, increase the traffic to your new funnel for free, sell your product, set-up an upsell, accept online orders, set-up an e-mail follow-up system, turn visitors into sales in a few minutes and other requirements that ensure you setting-up a profitable marketing funnel.

No need for technical expertise This system is especially presented to novice marketers who are still new in the field of online marketing and feel that they are lost because they do not know how to start. Everything is presented to you in detail to show you step by step what you need to be a successful online marketer and to start making money. This means that following the instructions does not require being a professional marketer or even having a prior experience in this field. You will not need to resort to other sources of information to be able to understand what you will get through this system.

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Online support You can get your training and the needed support via the internet and live calls. The support is presented to you by a group of internet marketers who are experienced in this field to help you to increase your profits. As a member of the online community, you can communicate with other members and make use of their experience. Cons: Taking action is a necessity for making use of this system. You have to apply what you learn because if you do not do this, it will be just a waste of your money and you will find that it does not work for you even if it actually works for others. Finally, if you want a solution that allows you to generate high earnings and set-up a $100,000 a year marketing funnel, then you can depend on six-figure funnel formula without the need to exert a huge effort or waste more money on other useless sources and training programs.


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