Examsnap Guide to Oracle Certification Programs

Oracle quickly springs to mind at the mention of cloud technology products, marketing database solutions, and enterprise software. Oracle credentials are indeed among the most in-demand and respected certifications in the IT sphere, especially in the database platform. Oracle prides itself on imparting skills required to use a wide range of its products and technologies. Having said that, the Oracle certification ladder is made up of six levels. These include core track Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM) as well as specialty track Oracle Certified Expert (OCE), Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS), and Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OCJA).

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Besides, the Oracle certifications are classified under the categories which include an array of Cloud credentials and ten software/hardware based certifications (Oracle applications, middleware, Java, database, enterprise management, business intelligence, systems, industries, operating systems, and virtualization).

Reasons to Become Certified

You want a guarantee that your investment will pay off in the long run. Right? Well, pursuing the Oracle credentials is worth the effort owing to the bountiful benefits they bring. Here are a few such benefits worth mentioning.

1 Salary Offers

To begin with, Oracle certifications are known to attract measurable financial rewards. The chosen path remains a personal decision, but one thing is certain, Oracle professionals are paid handsomely. Recent statistics have shown that these specialists can make in excess of $120 000 annually.

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2 You Can Stand Out from the Rest

Since IT is a competitive sphere, pursuing unique certifications that can distinguish you from the rest makes perfect sense. Oracle credentials will definitely set you apart from the crowd as they help you run systems efficiently.

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3 Shows your Commitment Towards Advancing your Career

There’s no better way to build your reputation in the IT sphere than earning relevant certifications. Obtaining the Oracle credentials depicts you as a steadfast professional who is dedicated to advancing their career to hit the top levels. As a result, the hiring managers will be ecstatic to work with you.

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So, here are the benefits of Oracle credentials. The most obvious question now remains: how then can you get certified?

How to Attain the Oracle Certification?

Oracle University provides diverse certification programs for different Oracle products and technologies. As you would expect, the path towards earning your Oracle credential starts by choosing your preferred direction in technology and appropriate certification.

After choosing your certification, it’s imperative to follow all the requirements for that credential. These may range from passing the required exam at the Pearson VUE website to obtaining a prerequisite certification, completing a specific training or simply submitting a course verification form. Since you need to pass one or more exams to attain any of the Oracle certifications, adequate preparation is mandatory.

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Oracle Exam Overview

There might be slight variations in the Oracle exam format, but the main features of these tests include the following: around 75 multiple-choice questions and a duration of 120 minutes. It’s worth mentioning that grading is done on a scale of 100% with the passing score being around 60%. It’s important to check out the Oracle official website before scheduling your exam. It is necessary because Oracle frequently updates and upgrades its exams to align with the demands of the IT industry.

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Exam Preparation

The path to excelling in your Oracle exams is marked by adequate preparation. Let’s face it; you are never going to make it at your first attempt if you use crude exam preparation techniques. You can prepare adequately for your exam by attending the preparation seminars and training offered by the Oracle University.

Besides, you can also use the practice test questions featured at the official Oracle website to gauge your knowledge of the exam concepts before facing the real test. And it never stops there because Oracle also provides an array of courses that you can select based on your certification requirements. Some of the highly recommended training options for your Oracle exam preparation include the Oracle training on demand, Oracle classroom training, and Oracle virtual classes.

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Examsnap – Top Web Resource for Your Certification Exam Preparation

With all said and done, passing your Oracle exams remains your top priority. If you are looking for the most satisfying if not the easiest way to prepare for your certification exam, then visiting the Examsnap website is worth it. At Examsnap, you will find a comprehensive Oracle training guide with comprehensive material for your preparation.

In addition, you will also find updated practice tests that are uploaded by real exam takers. By using practice tests, you familiarize yourself with the real exam questions. With the help of reliable and updated practice tests from Examsnap, you will definitely boost your chances of success.

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Retake Policy

If you fail the exam at your first attempt, you will have to wait for 14 days before scheduling a retake. Also, you will have to repay the full exam fee for any attempt. So, it is in your best interest to pass your Oracle test on the first try.

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Bottom Line

Becoming an expert in a specific IT field demands perseverance and determination. It will never come on a silver platter. Oracle provides a refined path to help you develop your knowledge and skills for continued career growth. Earning an Oracle certification is the most important step for career growth within the database platform. We hope that this article will help you get started on the right foot and attain your Oracle credential.

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