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About exabytes Network:

Exabytes is a web hosting company that started small and through growth became the leading web hosting company in Malaysia.  They wanted a company that provided the best web hosting solutions for their customers. Though small in the beginning, and through persistence and hard work, they accomplished that mission.


Exabytes Hosting Services & Features:

Exabytes offers hosting solution for business, personal, student, reseller, and content delivery networks.

With the business web hosting service (EBiz Gold Unlimited), you get unlimited disk space.  You have unlimited bandwidth.  You can have unlimited domains, and you have available unlimited mailboxes.  This plan costs $2.95/month US dollars.   If you chose more than one EBiz hosting plan, you get a reoccurring 30% discount.

You can get a dedicated server if you need better performance.  With one of these plans, you can receive a free iPad 2 and they will waive the $100 dollar setup fee.  With the plans you can be assured that you will have the power you need to make sure you business runs the right way.

Dedicated server plans start at $169/month for a 5 TB and end at $695/month for 20 TB.
You can buy your domain names through Exabytes.  For a one-year registration, you pay $9.99. You have full control over your domain and a web based control panel.

They have the new .me domain names. This domain is all about you.  You can personalize this domain and make it you.  When others see the .me they know it is about you.  That draws others to see what is up.  This is great for students and individuals. This domain name costs $13.50/year.

They offer Professional Hosting Migration. They provide full support in getting your files over to their servers.  The first 5 GB are free. After that, each additional 10 GB is $100.

You get migrating your files, mysql databases, emails, Cpanel settings. This means migration from Cpanel to Cpanel (Exabytes). You can migrate unlimited domains under the same account. You can be assured of complete transfer with no problems.

You get EBuzzzz Email Marketing.  This system allows you to get feedback from graphs and reports, Target marketing and prospects, and lower costs so you have a high return on investment.

Available to you is Kaspersky Hosted Security Solutions.  This provides you with excellent support.  You can stop spam and increase productivity.  It is cost effective and it is maintenance free.

The features are virus and worm protection. You have multi layer spam blocking, fraud protection, flexible email-based message quarantine, automatic round the clock monitoring, and content and attachment filtering.

Plans start at $199/year for 10 mailboxes.

You can build your own website with Instant Website.  It includes a seven steps wizard. The system has over 750 templates. You can edit your website through your web browser.

With this plan, you have a free domain.  You can renew this domain free as long as you are an EBossss subscriber.  You can install over 50 web applications.  The system provides you with SEO gadgets to help you improve your website ranking.  The cost is $18.65 per month with a $20 dollar setup fee.



Exabytes has a 100 days money back guarantee.


Exabytes Hosting disadvantages:

The only disadvantage I see with this service is the large amount of additional costs for partner services.


Exabytes Coupon Codes & Promotion Offers:

the company don’t offer currently any Exabytes coupon codes or Network promotion Code, but instaed you can get free gift pack through the following “gift link button”:

View Exabytes Offers


 Final Conclusion:

If you are looking for an inexpensive webhosting service with many benefits, Exabytes will serve you well.  They are loaded with additional services even though most of them are additional costs.

Try it Risk Free for 100 Days (Money Back Guarantee) …

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