Everything You Must Know about Driveshafts

A drive shaft is a steel cylindrical shaft that moves from the engine to gears which turn help wheels to turn. During the process, pistons transfer their power to gears that turn the drive shaft, thus creating torque for your vehicle. The produced torque is sent back to drive shaft in order to gear the wheels and make them run. In simple words, it is something that helps the balancing and makes your vehicle go on the road. If you realize a bearing noise coming out of it, it’s time to take your vehicle to the service station.

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 Types of Drive Shafts 

Different vehicles come with different types of functions; however, all carry out essentially the same functions. Different types of vehicles need different drives and require different types of drive shafts.

1 Rear Wheel Drive

Here longer it assembly is required to send the power as per the length of the vehicle. Most of such automobiles come with a clutch and gearbox installed directly on the engine with the shaft taking it to the rear axle. When wheels aren’t moving, the shaft does not rotate. Some of the sports cars like Porsche 924s and Alfa Romeos use rear-mounted transaxle.

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2 Front Wheel Drive

It is a kind of transmission system where power is given to the front wheels of a vehicle. Most of the modern day front wheel automotive use transverse engine. These types of engines have cylinders which line right-to-left instead of front-to-back as compared to the conventional longitudinally mounted drivetrains.

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3 All Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive

It has evolved from front engine rear. In four, torque is supplied to all four wheels all the time; however, the drive has an option to switch them to norming driving mode as well. In normal condition vehicle runs on a two-wheel drive, usually power the rear wheels, but it can be changed to 4WD as the need occurs.

However, when it comes to All Wheel Drive, manufacturers do not give an option to switch to rear-wheel drive, hence it has lesser mileage. This type cannot work best during the high-torque demand as lacks on ‘low-range feature’ which is mostly found in 4WDs. It is one of the latest innovations in the auto industry and requires other differential parts in order to allow for a difference in turning radius.


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