Everything you Want to Know About Instagram

It has been about three years since the lunching of Instagram application and now the social network is popping with Instagram app uploads. Moreover, its registered users has reached more than 80 Million and still counting and you find your friends uploading their personal photos on a daily basis using this application that you know nothing about! Here we help you discover everything you want to know about it.

  • What’s Instagram?
    It is not only a photo-sharing application but also a video-sharing app. Through this application, users are able to take pictures or videos and share them on the social network websites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumbler. It enables users to assign different digital filters to their photos.  Those filters adds some professional editing to the photos. It also allows its users to follow friends, celebs, companies and brands.
    No-native-Instagram-app-for-BlackBerry-Z10 Everything you Want to Know About Instagram

  • Get Started
    First you must own an iPhone or an Android-running device. Then go to the AppStore or Google Play Store on your cell phone and download it. Once it’s downloaded on your cell phone sign up for an account and enter your email, username and password. Now you’re almost ready to get started. Be aware that Instagram account is always public by default so make sure to create a private account if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your photos in public and want to share them only with your followers.
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  • Add Photos
    Start your Instagram photo-taking experience by clicking on the blue camera button in Instagram navigation panel. You can also add photos by selecting them from your cell phone’s photo albums and uploading them directly to Instagram .
    instagram-is-the-most-popular-mobile-photo-sharing-app-around Everything you Want to Know About Instagram
  • Editing Photos and Assigning Filters
    You can add borders, rotate, brighten the photos or add blurring effect. Upload the photo you want to work on and start your editing by selecting the “Tools” tab as in the new Instagram 6.0 update.
    Instagram provides a variety of different filters that you can use. Scroll through the filters that appears at the bottom of the photo to test and then to apply it to the photo you already uploaded. Most of the filters add “vintage” effect to the photos that appeals to may of the users. Once you’re finished with editing you can save the photo now in your device.
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    Instagramic Everything you Want to Know About Instagram
  • Connect & Share
    Now you’re ready to start sharing. You should connect your app with your social network accounts to enjoy sharing the photos you capture and edit with your friends there. Link your Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr by following these steps: Profile Tab > Edit Sharing Settings. After using this feature, whenever you upload a photo on Instagram you’ll have the option to share it on of the social accounts you already connected to Instagram. You can also share the photo with few of your followers and not all of them by clicking on the “Direct” tab, and then choosing the  followers you’d like to share your photos with.
    instagram_facebook Everything you Want to Know About Instagram
    instagram Everything you Want to Know About Instagram

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