Euthanasia: A Murder Or A Savior?

Euthanasia is defined as the act of deliberately ending someone’s life who is really sick in order to prevent any more pain. It is originated from a Greek word that means “good death”. It is also called mercy killing or physician assisted suicide. Euthanasia is very controversial issue and has attracted a lot of debate.

First of all there are different types of euthanasia some of them are upon the patient’s consent and awareness and others are not. For example voluntary euthanasia that is practiced on the patient’s consent is already legalized in some countries. Notably those who are with legalizing euthanasia and those who are against legalizing share the same primary reason. This shared reason is the human right to live and die.

Euthanasia opponents argue that euthanasia deny the human’s fundamental right to live. On the other hand, those who are with legalizing euthanasia believe that human life itself implies death. The right to live and die is two faces of a coin that is human life. Thus euthanasia cons defending the right to live automatically admit the right to die.

Another reason to defend euthanasia is mercy. Euthanasia pros believe that it is cruel to deny someone’s right to die while they are left for unbearable pains and agonies. Although conversely euthanasia opponents claim that it shortens lifetime span where lost love and care could be rediscovered.

Moreover it is thought that euthanasia won’t be only a gesture of mercy to end pain of the dead but also for those who are still alive. It saves costs for curable diseases patients rather than wasting it for hopeless cases. While opponents state that in this case doctors take euthanasia an easy way rather than caring for the dead.

Pros believe that if we agree upon the fact that death is not bad consequently making death come sooner won’t be bad either. But this is also rebutted by euthanasia opponents as they believe that such decision of ending life has its lifelong consequences on a person’s family and friends.

From a religious point of view cons see that euthanasia contradicts God’s will and destiny. In this case advocates claim that being left for sudden unplanned death increases the possibilities of having the right of a dignified death.

After all whether you were with or against euthanasia the upcoming days will widely witness this ongoing argument. Let’s wish that the common good will be achieved and human dignity is reserved.
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