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Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

Are you looking for an impressive gift that can leave your beloved completely stunned? Do you find it difficult to choose the right gift that expresses your true love? There are too many gift ideas that are specially presented to fascinate women such as flowers, chocolate, dresses, jewelry, perfume, shoes, handbags, and watches, just to name a few. However, most of the men, if it is not all of them, find themselves confused when they decide to purchase a gift for a woman. This is because women always like to feel special and look unique. They believe that most of the gifts they receive are traditional and do not impress them or do not allow them to feel special. For this reason, the task of purchasing a gift for a woman becomes more complicated. You have to look for a unique gift that dazzles your beloved and shows her that you really care. To help you easily and quickly find the special and unique gift you are looking for, we present to you The Eternity Rose.

pink-eternity-rose-gold-lattice-leaves Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

♦ What is Eternity Rose?

There are many online stores and companies that offer countless gift ideas for women. However, those gift ideas do not satisfy customers and most of the men still find it difficult to choose impressive gifts for their women. This is because the gift ideas are traditional and can be easily found at any store. But, this does not mean that all the online stores and websites are the same. There is Eternity Rose which is one of the best websites you can visit to easily find the ideal gift you are looking for to present to your girlfriend or wife. Eternity Rose has some great and long-lasting gift ideas that are perfect for celebrating any occasion.

In order to show your beloved how much you really love her and appreciate all that she does for you, you need to present a precious and romantic gift that can express your feelings without even saying a single word. There are many romantic gift ideas you can find such as chocolate and heart-shaped gifts, but flowers will remain the best romantic symbol that expresses blossoming love and breathtaking beauty. The problem is that flowers quickly die and your beloved will easily forget your gift. To solve this problem, Eternity Rose presents elegant roses that are dipped in precious metals to capture their beauty and immortalize it creating stunning gifts that are great for both girls and women.

♦ What are the unique gift ideas that are presented by Eternity Rose?

At Eternity Rose, you can find the luxurious and romantic gifts you need to impress your beloved. From fabulous Eternity Roses to stunning jewelry pieces, you can select what dazzles your wife or girlfriend.

  • Eternity Roses: The Eternity Roses are created through using different precious metals and they are available in various colors and leaf styles as well to meet different tastes and requirements. Eternity Rose presents 24k gold-dipped natural roses, silver-dipped natural roses, and platinum-dipped natural roses. In addition to the gold, silver, and platinum roses, you can also find colored or glazed roses which are available in various styles and 18 fascinating colors such as red, pink, purple, blue, green and more amazing colors to choose what your beloved likes. The glazed roses are perfect for celebrating wedding anniversaries as each wedding anniversary is represented by a specific color, such as the second wedding anniversary that is represented by the red color.

The glazed roses are available in two different leaf styles. There are glazed roses with green glazed leaves that are gold trimmed, while there are others that have gold-dipped and glazed lattice style leaves. If you do not want to receive your 24k gold-dipped natural rose in a leather display case, then there is no problem. You still have other options to get your gift such as having it bubble wrapped in a sturdy cardboard box or purchasing the rose and vase set to be used as a unique decorative piece at your woman’s room.

gold-eternity-rose-head Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

  • Stunning jewelry: It is difficult to find a woman who does not like wearing different jewelry pieces for a catchier and more stunning look. For this reason, Eternity Rose presents awesome pendants and earrings that are made from glazed natural rose petals and are gold-trimmed for a luxurious look. The jewelry pieces are available in three styles and five natural rose petal colors. You can also find matching jewelry sets that are perfect for those women who love fine jewelry and need something catchy to enhance their elegance and increase their beauty.

white-glazed-rose-jewelry-set-in-leaf-theme Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

  • Rose & jewelry matched gift sets: Do you want to present a luxurious and precious gift to your beloved in order to fascinate her? What do you think of presenting Gold-Dipped Rose & White Matched Jewelry Set in Leaf Theme? It is one of the best gift ideas that are presented by Eternity Rose for its unique design and quality. It is perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, and anniversary gift as well.

This unique gift set includes a 24 karat gold-dipped natural rose, catchy pendant and fabulous earrings from natural miniature white rose petals in leaf theme. The pendant is encrusted with 30 synthetic diamonds. It is glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold to be like the earrings. The gold-dipped rose comes in a velvet-lined leather display case and the earrings are paired with the pendant in a velvet jewelry pouch.

gold-dipped-rose-white-matched-jewellery-set-in-leaf-theme Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

  • Vases: There are two different styles from which you can select what suits your precious gift. You have the ornate cast brass vase that is dipped in the precious metal of your choice and there is also the clear acrylic vase that is perfect for adding a modern look.

♦ Gifts for him

Eternity Rose does not present unique gifts for women only. In addition to the Eternity Roses and jewelry pieces that are created for elegant and stylish women, you can also find other impressive gifts that are specially created for men. For those men who appreciate precious gifts and want to receive something unique while celebrating different occasions, Eternity Rose presents two unique gift ideas. As a man, you have 24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards and 24 Karat Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set. The gold-dipped golf ball and tee set is available in two versions which are the playable version and the display-only version.

eternity-rose-golf-ball Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

♦ How are the gifts made?

Thanks to a group of professional artisans who have mastered the art and technique of dipping natural roses in precious metals, Eternity Rose presents some fascinating gift ideas that can impress any woman. After selecting the best natural roses that will be turned into creative pieces of art, a type of clear coat is applied to the whole rose to maintain its shape and prepare it to the next steps. The clear coat is left to dry and electroplating starts after that. Pure copper layers are applied at the beginning to ensure a quality base, maintain the characteristics of the natural rose, and help precious metals smoothly adhere. Precious metals are used after that to give roses the stunning look they deserve to make a unique gift.

It has taken more than nine years for the company to develop the process of creating the Eternity Roses and reach the high level of quality that exists today and is presented to those customers who really appreciate precious gifts. The process of making only one product by Eternity Rose is not easy since it requires about 60 steps and 90 days to be completely finished.

What about the different pieces of jewelry that are created by Eternity Rose?

By using natural miniature rose petals that have been glazed and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold, Eternity Rose creates amazing pendants and earrings to allow women to look gorgeous while attending and celebrating different special occasions throughout the year.

gold-dipped-rose Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

♦ Stunning pieces of art at reasonable prices

Many companies try to copy the Eternity Rose and create similar products to be sold as precious gifts, but the Eternity Rose will remain the only genuine one. This can explain the different prices you may find on many websites. The genuine Eternity Rose is thought to be expensive. But by taking a look at the materials, including precious metals and natural flowers picked at the height of their bloom, that are used for creating such fabulous pieces of art, you will realize that the prices are reasonable especially if they are compared to other prices of similar precious products and gifts you can find on several websites. The Eternity Rose comes in a catchy and impressive leather display case to be suitable for your precious gift and dazzle your beloved.

gold-eternity-rose-in-gold-vase Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

♦ Money back guarantee & lifetime warranty

There is no need to worry about your money. This is because all the dazzling and unique products presented by Eternity Rose carry a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee in addition to a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can get your money back if you feel that you are not satisfied. You have 90 days to decide whether the product you have purchased meets your expectations or not.

guarantee Eternity Rose As a Perfect Romantic Gift to Express Your True Love

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