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4 Factors Explained in This ePowHost Review To Realize The Truth!

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Editorial ePowHost Review:

ePowHost was founded in 2003 as a hosting company based in Texas.

BUT, The question is: Is ePowHost any good?


ePowHost Review of Features:
I will try in this ePowHost Hosting Review to explain its features in details depending on many customer ePowHost Reviews:

ePowHost offers mainly 2 inexpensive hosting plans; Standard and Pro plans. Even though you can find less expensive hosting services available, but most of them are not reliable and can’t be trusted to host your sites or business.

The Pro plan offers unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, and email options. The two plans include an unlimited number of MySQL databases, subdomains, and a host of technology options like Server Side Includes (SSI), scripting support, and multimedia support.

ePowHost Control Panel – ePowHost offers cPanel which is the most popular control panel out there for their customers and allows them to access their hosting account from any where. This control panel offer easy drag and drop of functions, in addition to control of all hosting features as installing scripts, databases, browsing stats, email options, and files management.

Free Marketing Credits – Bonus $100 as Marketing Credits ($50 Yahoo Credits & $50 MS Adcenter).

100% Security Guarantee – ePowhost guarantee their customers privacy, security and safety which will be 100% protected.

100% Money-Back Guarantee – ePowhost offers 30-day money back guarantee. So, you can test out their services and can get a complete refund within Thirty day period in case you are not fully satisfied.


ePowhost Reliability: ePowHost Uptime

ePowhost offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, Many clients keep asking exactly what’s the technology backing up that guarantee?

Customers will be able to observe the additional options of protection ePowhost offers, in terms of their physical security, and technological Internet based security features. This all to make sure the clients are experiencing the highest possible uptime.


What is BAD in ePowHost?

Though they offer an excellent customer support via their site, it doesn’t offer support through phone.


ePowhost Tech Support & Customer Service:

ePowhost offer 24/7 support to their customer by many ways which include:

1- Email support or Online ticket support.
2- Online tutorials, download guides, read system announcements and how to articles.
3- ePowHost has an online helpdesk where clients may submit a support ticket.
4- Extensive knowledge base & FAQ section.



Since 2003, ePowHost has developed a respectable client base with their brand of trusted hosting. ePowHost offers value, quality features, inexpensive prices, excellent online support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Over-all, ePowHost provides a powerful features and advantages which is hard to find anywhere. Along with EpowHost’s money back guarantee, you actually have absolutely nothing to lose by giving them a try.


ePowHost Coupon Codes & Promotions:

Although their current prices are real bargain for their quality and reliability, but it may offer from time to time ePowHost Coupon Codes, special delas and ePowHost promo discounts for more value.

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  1. 30% Off! Nice deal! These guys are GREAT!!! I had an emergency situation with a downed site an Support was able to correct things in a matter of minutes!!!

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