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Enjoy Quality Executions, Tight Spreads, Promotions and More with XM

XM is one of the most successful brokers in the financial market and its success results from its experience in the market and its conditions that always change. XM tries to make its customers satisfied through presenting high-quality services, advanced tools and flexibility through the several platforms that are offered and it prepares an environment that is suitable for trading and making profits. XM uses the latest technology that helps it to accelerate the execution process without any delay and thus the customers will be able to make profits and achieve their goals without risking their money. XM has more and more to offer to its customers to make trading for them easier than it is with other brokers as you can find promotions, contests, several types of accounts and more.

New-Picture-72 Enjoy Quality Executions, Tight Spreads, Promotions and More with XM

♦ It teaches you Forex

As a novice trader or a trader who does not have enough experience to trade safely without risking money, you need to learn how to trade and how to make your decisions according to the market’s conditions. XM offers this great chance as it provides its users who want to learn more about the Forex market with video tutorials, webinars that are completely free and seminars. You will be provided with a detailed explanation for what you are going to do in order to make it easy for you and minimize the risks that you may encounter while trading in the market.

♦ Demo account

XM allows you to open a demo account to trade through it and try different trading strategies in the financial market without risking your money or losing it. It is a good chance for you to learn how to trade and to know what are the best strategies that you can follow when you open a real account and start investing real money.

♦ Trading instruments options & accounts

XM offers several trading instruments options for its customers to trade such as currencies, indices, metals, commodities and energies. The best thing about trading energy is its high volatility that results from the political and economic conditions that always change which helps you to make high profits easily and quickly. There are several types of accounts as you have Micro, Standard and Executive accounts in addition to the Islamic account that is offered for Muslims to allow them to trade according to the Islamic laws that prohibit “Riba” which means the interests that are taken on the trades.

New-Picture-101 Enjoy Quality Executions, Tight Spreads, Promotions and More with XM

♦ Several platforms for more flexibility

XM offers several platforms which are eight for traders and these platforms are XM MetaTrader 4, XM MAC MT4, XM WebTrader 4, XM MultiTerminal, XM iPhone Trader, XM ipad Trader, XM Droid Trader, XM Mobile Trader and XM MAM. You have the ability to access the platforms via your mobile phone to make it easy for you to track the changes in the market and access your account at anytime and anyplace without being tied to a specific place or being obliged to use a specific device.

New-Picture-32 Enjoy Quality Executions, Tight Spreads, Promotions and More with XM

♦ Spreads & trading conditions

Most of the orders are executed in a short time which is less than one second and this is a great feature that protects you from losing your money. There is no re-quotes or even virtual dealer plugin. All the orders are executed without rejection for anyone of them. You can easily place your orders online or through using your mobile phone. XM offers fractional pip pricing, tight spreads which are the same for all the trading accounts without discrimination and there is no commissions or hidden fees. You can use leverage in trading Forex and this helps you to make profits without the need to invest huge amounts of money.Your funds are guaranteed to be safe. XM offers free Forex signals twice a day with unlimited access for life account holders.

New-Picture-81 Enjoy Quality Executions, Tight Spreads, Promotions and More with XM

♦ Competitions & promotions

XM offers many competitions from time to time and these competitions are valid for a limited that is announced with them. Now, XM is offering Gold & Silver demo competition and all the prizes are in cash. The registration period runs from 19th August to 30th September, while the competition period starts from 2nd and runs until 30th September. There are no fees that are required for entering and sharing in this competition. For the promotions, you have two bonuses; one of them is called welcome bonus which is offered for a limited time (9th to 22nd September) and it gives you from 100% to $500 and this is offered for all the types of accounts and for deposits that start from $5 and more. The other bonus is Loyalty bonus and it offers from 30% to $10.000.

New-Picture-52 Enjoy Quality Executions, Tight Spreads, Promotions and More with XM

♦ Customer support

The support team speaks more than 18 languages which makes it easy for many customers to contact the support team in their own language without difficulty. There are many support channels that are offered to you to allow you to contact the support team according to what is available for you such as phone, e-mail, Fax and live chat. The customer support desk is available for 24/5 per week from Monday to Friday.

♦ Customer ratings

XM is highly recommended by customers who tried to trade in the financial market with it. They assure that it is helpful, the platforms can be easily used and they can make profits thanks to the powerful tools that are offered and the orders that are executed quickly without delay.

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