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3 Ways to Enjoy Nature Without Getting Dirty

Some people love the idea of roughing it. They want to sleep in tiny tents on tiny mattresses and feel like they are somewhat primitive in their adventures. They might even do things like go fishing so that they can eat or go to the bathroom around trees, all for the sake of enjoying nature. Then, there are the rest of us. Enjoying nature does not have to mean tiny tents, uncomfortable cots, and bathing in a nearby creek. It can very much be a luxurious outing that can connect you with nature and provide you a sanitary toilet.

The First-Class Resort

If tent camping is not your thing, and we suspect not since you are reading this, looking for a first-class resort is going to be high on your list. There is nothing more glorious than a day hike or a sea-faring outing to surround yourself with the beauty of nature. And coming back to a luxurious room waiting for you to bathe at your leisure and provide a comfortable bed for you to relax in. Look for resorts, like those featured at, that can help you plan some nature adventures and provide all the accommodations you are looking for.

First-Class-Resort-675x450 3 Ways to Enjoy Nature Without Getting Dirty

Luxury Island Getaways

A fantastic way to get back to nature is by going outside the country and looking for some island getaways. Pristine beaches and beautiful jungles are widely available across the globe. A particularly excellent spot to visit is the Maldives. Beautiful sights alongside the best in hotels and food provide the perfect recipe for your nature getaway. Maldives is a popular spot to get married so look for their “off-season” to save a little on your next getaway.

Luxury-Island-Getaways 3 Ways to Enjoy Nature Without Getting Dirty

Head into the Woods

Some of us really want to go into the woods and immerse ourselves into trees and hiking and log cabins. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors. You may stay in a yurt, tepee, cabin, Airstream®, or tree-house rather than a tent. Glamping has become such a huge trend that you can find ways to do it all over the world!

In many wooded areas of the US, luxury log cabins are bringing people who want to avoid the bugs back to the trees. Tennessee, Missouri, and North Carolina are very popular areas to get back to the woods in a log cabin that makes you feel like you are in a 5-star hotel. With accommodations like a fully functional kitchen and free Wi-Fi, it’s easy to eat like a king and show off the beautiful pictures you took on your hike that day.

US-luxury-log-cabins-675x251 3 Ways to Enjoy Nature Without Getting Dirty

Many Americans are finding that as we become more and more connected with various forms of technology, we need time away from the gadgets and apps. We know that many are working harder and longer hours than they used to, and we need a break. Going water skiing, snow tubing, surfing, hiking, and kayaking are great ways to step outside our busy lives and appreciate the beautiful world we live in. And if we want to get dirty and sleep on the floor of a tent, go for it! But you don’t have to. You can find ways to enjoy the earthly gifts and be comfortable in a luxurious setting. Why not have room service delivered after a long day of sailing a boat? Why not sleep in a comfy bed after a 3-mile hike? You deserve it!

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