Enjoy Learning Chinese Like a Native in 50% of the Time

Are you one of those who like to learn new languages especially the strange ones like Chinese? Do you want to travel to China? Do you have Chinese friends and are unable to communicate with them? If your answer is yes, then you need to learn Chinese. Chinese has recently become one of the most common languages as it can be found on different Chinese products that have invaded most of the countries around the world and can also be found in cartoon or animation movies that are presented to children. It is not an easy language that can be learnt easily once you start doing this.

chinese-god Enjoy Learning Chinese Like a Native in 50% of the Time

The letters are not like those which we used to see and write in other different languages such as English, French, Italian and other languages that look familiar to us when they are seen even if we do not know anything about them. The Chinese language uses ambiguous symbols that need to be decoded and are difficult to be understood and read. That is why you need a good course that helps you to learn Chinese and understand it and to allow you to find this course, we present to you Rocket Chinese.

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Why should you choose Rocket Chinese?

“Rocket Chinese” is an online course that helps you to learn Chinese and it is presented to you by Lin Ping who is from a small town in China which means that her first language is Chinese and this will help you to get the right pronunciation of Chinese words that is reliable and does not need to be suspected. It shows you how to speak and understand Chinese easily and quickly in half the time that is usually taken for learning it through other traditional courses. It makes learning enjoyable to encourage you to continue learning instead of getting bored and giving up quickly. It improves your accent to be perfect like a native speaker. It is designed to be the most comprehensive, up-to-date and effective course for learning Chinese.

Now, Take a Short Tour of Rocket Chinese

How does Rocket Chinese help you to speak?

Rocket Chinese helps you to speak and improve your accent until it becomes perfect like a native speaker. To achieve this result, it provides you with 31 repeatable audio lessons that run for about 28 minutes. Presenting the audio lessons is based on using “Chunking” process which means dividing the whole conversation into smaller parts or phrases to make it easy for you to listen to the conversation, to focus on what you listen without being distracted and to help you to easily remember the information that you gain.

You are allowed to download the audio lessons which helps you to listen to them offline, at anytime and in anyplace to which you go wherever it is. You can listen to the audio lessons through using your laptop, smartphone or MP3 player. You are motivated to speak aloud through providing you with Rocket Record which allows you to listen to the audio lessons and record yourself to discover your mistakes and correct them. This helps you to learn new Chinese vocabulary, practice listening and motivate you to speak.

How are you going to understand Chinese?

Rocket Chinese facilitates the process of understanding Chinese through three steps that can be easily followed to be able to understand what is said to you by other Chinese speakers. It presents 29 language and culture lessons that are explained in detail to show you step-by-step how the Chinese language is used, what you should do and what should not be done while using the Chinese language, it provides you with audio tracks for presenting more Chinese vocabulary and there is also the Rocket Record that helps you to record yourself after listening to the lessons. It offers “Hear it Say it” tool which chooses an audio track for you randomly to listen to it, you are asked to record what you listened to and compare it to what is said by the native speaker to rate yourself and decide if what you understood is right or not.

Another tool for helping you to understand Chinese is “Know it”. It motivates you to speak and to quickly respond to others who speak with you in Chinese. Through this tool, you will get English words and phrases, you will be asked to translate them into Chinese, record your translation and after that you will be able to compare what you recorded to that of the Chinese speaker.

How to learn Chinese in a short time

Rocket Chinese helps you to learn Chinese in half the time that is usually taken for learning it through following other traditional methods and courses. With each lesson, you will find recommendations that show you what you should do to quickly finish the lesson and move to the next one, you need to track your progress and this can be easily done through using your “Dashboard” which is customized for you to show you your overall rating easily and quickly. You can make use of your dashboard to choose the next lessons that are selected for you as the best according to your learning style and you are not forced to choose these lessons because they are just suggestions and you can choose the next lessons that you want on your own to meet your needs.┬áRocket Chinese also reveals all the tricks and presents all the tips and techniques that are required for advanced learning.

Now, Take a Short Tour of Rocket Chinese

How does it encourage you to learn Chinese?

Rocket Chinese encourages you to continue learning and not to give up quickly through making learning interesting and not boring like other courses. It presents its lessons using fun ways to help you to learn and gain information unconsciously. You will find that the audio lessons are derived from everyday and real life conversations which makes them interesting and substantial to be learnt in order to be able to communicate with Chinese speakers. It also uses games which make learning more entertaining such as Word-Master game which is beneficial for learning Chinese letters and words and there is also Phrase-Master game that helps you to form phrases using different Chinese words. Rocket Chinese motivates you to achieve progress and exert more effort through presenting badges that are offered when you move up a level.

chinese-badge-400 Enjoy Learning Chinese Like a Native in 50% of the Time

How can you get your problems solved?

Because learning Chinese is not easy, Rocket Chinese offers unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to the forum that includes Chinese teachers, native speakers and other members like you who learn Chinese. They are all ┬áready at anytime to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems that may arise when you learn Chinese. Having access to this forum helps you to make benefit from the other members’ experiences to help you while learning. There is also a members’ hotline through which you can ask for solving any technical problem that you may face and you will get it handled as fast as possible.

How much does it cost?

There are two options that are offered for getting Rocket Chinese and they differ in their prices to meet different needs and budgets. The first option is 20CD Pack that also includes online access and it costs $299.95 with free shipping to anyplace around the world. The other option is instant 24/7 lifetime online access and it is offered at a lower price which is $99.95 and this makes it the most common option among customers. The two options are offered with other three additional bonuses and a 60-day money-back guarantee which allows you to get a full refund during the first 60 days in case you find that the course does not work for you and does not help you to understand and speak Chinese with a perfect accent. You are also allowed to try Rocket Chinese for free for 6 days.

New-Picture-13 Enjoy Learning Chinese Like a Native in 50% of the Time

What is the learners opinion on Rocket Chinese?

Most of the learners who used Rocket Chinese recommend it as an effective and comprehensive course for learning Chinese. They confirm that they did not need to exert a huge effort to understand what they should do and how to follow the lessons thanks to the recommendations that they get, the audio lessons are interactive which motivates them to speak and they are derived from everyday and real life conversations to be more interesting and beneficial for being used in the real life. So, if you like the Chinese language and want to learn it but do not know how to do that, then you can choose Rocket Chinese Premium and depend on it as a perfect course for mastering Chinese.


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